The Best Online Casino for UK Players

There is a certain nuance to ensuring that you’re playing at the very best online casino for your needs, and most players will ultimately find themselves settling on a casino that almost feels tailored to their needs. However, some online casinos manage to well and truly cover all of the bases in this regard, and they stand out head and shoulders above the competition for bringing exactly what players are looking for to the table.

With so many different gaming brands out there, it takes something special to be considered as one of the best of all, and as part of this feature, we’re looking to shine the spotlight on only the very biggest and best gaming brands out there at the moment. From the game selection to the promotions, and support to banking options, today we are exclusively concerned with only the finest online casino gaming experiences that the industry has to offer right now.

Essentially, the casinos presented below have every chance of becoming your new favourite place to play. No matter your own requirements, they have adapted, evolved and expanded to become the best all-round gaming brands in existence right now, especially if you’re a player in the UK.

If you’re in to games from a certain developer, then there’s every chance that these online brands have you covered with all of your favourite games. The days of the single-partner casino are largely gone, outside of some brands that have been around since basically the start of time, and the best UK casinos pull together slots, table games and more from all of the biggest game providers around at the moment. That spans the biggest names, like Microgaming and NetEnt, through the up and comers like Yggdrasil and Play’n Go, and even extends to some of the most highly regarded names in land-based gaming. So, whether you’re looking for a first-class online-only experience or want to enjoy the same thrills and spills as at your local bricks and mortar casino on games from the likes of IGT, Novomatic and more, these leading names are sure to have you covered.

The promotions play a significant part too – one of the very best reasons to sign up with a new online casino, even if you already have an account elsewhere, is to take advantage of the much-vaunted welcome bonus. We look for more than size when it comes to bonuses too. Any casino that offers players a realistic chance of being able to turn over their bonus funds into real cash will be more than happy with what they find at our featured brands, and the rewards don’t stop there either. The top 10 UK casinos featured below are more than happy to virtually treat their players like bona fide royalty, whether they are VIP-level players or the most casual gamers in existence. It almost feels like a case of ‘come for the welcome bonus, stay for the ongoing rewards’, as these brands well and truly know just how to show players a good time. Any value is good value when it comes to these kinds of offers and it goes without saying that the added extras on offer at these casinos not only make you feel good when you receive them, but can even tilt things in your favour if you play it smart!

The players-first methodology of these brands extends to customer support too. If a casino can be contacted through numerous means, including not only live chat and email but also phone, post and, in some cases, even Skype, they’ll rank highly in our estimations. Further to this, we give a lot more credence to an online casino that can be reached at any time of the day or night as you never know when you might need assistance. Fortunately, the best casinos also happen to be some of the biggest, and they are more than capable of manning their support functions all day and all through the night too.

So, no matter how specific your requirements, or what your personal opinion is on what can really transform a good gaming experience into a great one, we feel that the following top 10 list caters for every kind of player. The chances are that, in the main, they will boast each and every game that you might be looking to play, and will deliver it with some of the truly prime bonuses and rewards out there, while always having your back should anything go wrong too. Indeed, we would go as far as to say that if you play online casino games, but aren’t doing so with one of the top brands, then you might well be missing out! So, without further ado, let’s cut right to the chase and go into detail on what we feel are the very best online casinos on offer in the UK right now!

1. Casumo


Casumo bills itself as being not only an online casino, but an online experience, and they are not far wrong in that estimation. To put things simply, we are UK players ourselves, and we have played at and reviewed just about every online casino out there. When we’re not reviewing them and playing on our own time, Casumo is generally where you can find us. Whether you’re in to massive jackpot wins or are simply looking to play the finest games around right now across just about any device imaginable, this is one online casino brand that well and truly has you covered. Whether you want to play in the comfort of your own home, or take things on the move across your phone or tablet, it is no coincidence that Casumo is widely regarded not only as the leading online casino in the UK, but the leading mobile casino too!

With a stunning range of games across all disciplines, there is basically no chance of getting bored here. If you have a favourite game, we’d all but guarantee that you’ll be able to play it at Casumo, just as long as you’re not one of those gaming hipsters! Exclusive titles for other casinos are out of the question too, but such is the popularity of Casumo as a brand not just with players but with developers too, that they have more than their fair share of exclusive slots too! When a company as highly regarded as Quickspin is on board and offering their titles at just one casino, you can bet that the casino in question has quite the reputation!

Pros The Pros:

  • Turn your casino gaming into a casino journey. With most online casinos, you turn up, play your favourite game, perhaps collect a bonus or two, and then go about your day. However, Casumo goes out of its way to make everything feel like it is part of an experience. The twist on the loyalty system, for example, involves players moving from planet to planet within the Casumo universe, and collecting belts along the way. New rewards are offered with every new level, and that can involve bonus cash, free spins and much more, and the better your belt and planet, the better the rewards will be.

  • A truly massive game selection. As alluded to already, if you’ve got a favourite game, there’s every chance that you’ll be able to play it at Casumo. The casino offers slots and games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, IGT and many more. Throw in the live casino and their exclusive games, and there can be no question that the game selection on offer here is a force to be reckoned with. One of the best things of all is the way that the games are set up – players are presented with their own last played games at the top of the game screen, and will then quickly and easily be able to find the most popular games, new games and Casumo’s own favourites in the tabs below. And if that wasn’t enough, this casino actually has a working search box, enabling players to search directly for their game of choice or even filter the selection by developer.

  • Reel Races give players a chance to win big every single day. You’re already as well-rewarded at Casumo as you would be absolutely anywhere else, but the Reel Races take things to the next level and prove to be one of the best reasons of all to stick around at this casino. They take place every night at the bare minimum, and often in the day too, and players can win anywhere from £25 to £2,000, just by playing some of the most popular games of all. You don’t need to bet big, and the races are free to enter, so even if you’re a small stakes player, there could be a massive prize awaiting you come the end of the race.

  • Support at Casumo is truly first class in terms of opening times – they’re open around the clock and basically never close, even during holidays! The only slight downside here is that there is no phone support, but the email and live chat options will be more than sufficient for the needs of most players.

Cons The Cons:

  • To be completely honest, we’ve had to get really picky to have anything negative to say about Casumo at all. It is very, very close to being the perfect online and mobile casino, and it is extremely easy to see how it has risen to the very top of this list once you have played there for a while. If we had to pick out just one issue with the experience, it would concern the valuables that are awarded as you make your way through the levels. Each valuable comes with an expiry time, and if you haven’t made use of it by that time, it will simply disappear. That means that you can’t stock up for one big blowout session, but it is a very minor issue as we generally like to take the valuables and make full use of them as soon as they become available!
Casumo Welcome Bonus: £1200 Free Spins: 200 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

2. 888 Casino

888 Casino

888 Casino has been around for longer than basically anyone else listed in this feature and, as we often say, you simply don’t stick around for as long as they have without offering the kind of experience that players will be looking to come back to time and time again. Unlike some of the other elder statesmen of the gaming industry, 888 has proven over time to be one of the most adaptable gaming brands around and is always looking to evolve. They can also be relied upon as being one of the most trusted names in gaming – they are one of the few major brands to be listed on the London Stock Exchange and a glance at their 10 year performance indicates how the brand continues to go from strength to strength using a particularly major metric.

A notable element of the brand’s evolution over time concerns the way that they have managed to adapt their games. As one of the earliest players in the industry, they spent quite a while relying on their own games. Those old favourites from as far back as 1997 are still on offer, but they are every bit as dated as you might expect. However, the casino has well and truly moved with the times in this regard and now offers slots and games from many of the major players out there, including Blueprint Gaming, Merkur, IGT and many more.

Pros The Pros:

  • An unbeatable reputation. You simply don’t last more than two decades in online gaming without doing something right, and the fact that 888 has been offering first-class gaming experiences since way back in the 1990s should reassure any player that their cash is safe, the games are fair and the support team knows exactly what it is talking about – rumour has it that some of the support staff were there on the first day, so the chances are that they’ll have a great idea about what they’re talking about!

  • £88 free for all new players. As you might have guessed, we absolutely love a no deposit bonus and 888’s is one of the very best around. There are no restrictions on the games that can be played with the cash, and we can’t imagine anyone feeling like £88 isn’t a great number to get you started at the casino. It’s not all smooth sailing, as wins are capped at just £15, but that’s still free cash and the thirty-time turnover requirement strikes us as being very fair indeed!

  • With so many years of experience under its belt, it is no surprise to see that the game selection at 888 is absolutely massive. There are some favourites missing – more on that below – but whether you are in to older favourites or the freshest new releases from some of the biggest names in casino gaming, you simply will not be disappointed with the selection here – and most of their games work on mobile as well as online too!

Cons The Cons:

  • The withdrawals at 888 are not the fastest. Even withdrawals to electronic wallets like Skrill and Neteller can take between 24 and 48 hours. There are worse casinos than this one out there that will have your cash back to you within an hour at most, and bank and credit card withdrawals can potentially take even longer. They are not so strung out as to be a major issue, but players should be aware that there are plenty of casinos out there where you can expect to receive your cash much more quickly.

  • Some of the most popular games are missing. Given that 888 started out with just its own games, it has certainly come a long way, but the game selection here is by no means as extensive as those on offer at the likes of Casumo and Leo Vegas. A particular deal breaker for some players could well be the fact that while 888 offers NetEnt games in general, it doesn’t offer the Swedish developer’s leading jackpot slots. Most jackpot games here cap out at around a million, and while that is certainly nothing to sniff at, there are better casinos out there for jackpot players in the UK.
888 Casino Welcome Bonus: £140 No Deposit Bonus: £88 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

3. 32 Red

Of all of the casinos on this list, 32 Red is probably the one that requires the least by way of an introduction. Like 888, it has been around basically forever and has cultivated a reputation as one of the most reliable, exciting casino experiences out there. In fairness to the other brands included within this feature, we would have to point out that this casino hasn’t evolved quite as well as some of the others, although we can respect the idea of not fixing what isn’t broken. They advertise extensively, from sponsoring horse races to even signing up UK favourites Ant and Dec for their marketing campaigns, which even extends to the creation of their own slot games based on the famous pair.

As good as 32 Red clearly is, it is important to keep in mind that the casino might still be considered as one for the purists. Indeed, it is one of those brands that we mentioned previously that largely sticks with a combination of games from Microgaming – admittedly the largest online developer out there in terms of the sheer number of games – and their own exclusives. That means that you’ll either need to be a Microgaming fan or at least happy to be directed on what is best to play when you arrive here, but that is by no means a massive problem!

Pros The Pros:

  • One of the most trusted brands in UK casino gaming. Like 888, 32 Red has been around since 1997 and was one of the UK’s first dedicated online gaming brands. They have gone from strength to strength ever since, and were even listed on the stock exchange themselves prior to being taken private again as part of a takeover. As always, the biggest element of this trust is the fact that you know that the games will play fair and adhere to their stated return percentages, and there is never any danger of the cash that you keep in your gaming account disappearing for no apparent reason!

  • The perfect gaming destination for Microgaming fans. 32 Red has been a partner of Microgaming since the very beginning. While that does mean that you won’t find the broadest selection of slots out there, especially if your favourites come from a number of different developers, there are enough Microgaming fans out there to ensure the continued success of this brand. If the likes of Thunderstruck 2 and Mega Moolah are your idea of a good time, then you simply cannot go wrong with this casino.

  • One of the warmest welcomes in UK casino gaming. When you register at 32 Red, you’ll immediately be credited with £10 to play with, all without even making a deposit. There’s plenty to be won here too, unlike with the 888 bonus, as you can scoop up to £100 with this one, this time with a fifty-time turnover requirement. Such a requirement is by no means impossible and there is every chance that this bonus alone can get players off to an excellent start. Even if you don’t do too well, the standard welcome bonus is one of the best around too, and we would go as far as to say that it is worth signing up with this casino on the strength of that alone.

Cons The Cons:

  • 32 Red being the perfect place for Microgaming fans in the UK to play works both ways, and if you’d rather play slots and games from the likes of NetEnt, Yggdrasil and other leading online names, then you’ll simply have to look elsewhere to do so. At the same time, the Microgaming offering at 32 Red far exceeds anything that the multi-partner casinos have to offer, and so we feel that many players could benefit from holding an account with 32 Red in addition to another, more populous casino brand.

  • The fact that this casino has been around for so long means that there are some legacy elements to it. If you are a fan of some of the older Microgaming slots, for example, you’ll need to download the casino software for the full experience. All of the latest releases can be played in your browser, but some of the legendary titles are confined to the software, which many players will have forgotten all about!
32 Red Welcome Bonus: £32 No Deposit Bonus: £10 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

4. Royal Panda

Royal Panda

It may have one of the most generic names on this list, but there is no doubt that Royal Panda has come out of nowhere to establish itself as one of the best online casinos in the UK right now. Licensed in Malta and fully compliant with the rules and regulations of the UK Gambling Commission, this casino has grown faster than just about anyone else. The brand actually got so large so quickly that is was taken over by Leo Vegas in 2017 and it says a lot about how well the casino was already doing that Royal Panda comes in at number four on this list, while its parent casino is down there at number ten!

One particular element of this casino offering that players are sure to enjoy is the fact that Royal Panda boasts all the trappings of a modern online casino experience, while presenting it in a fairly traditional manner. To some, the casino’s main interface won’t actually look like its up to much, but if you’re the kind of player that values the experience over the aesthetics then you certainly won’t have any intention at all of complaining about this one!

Pros The Pros:

  • A great selection of games. Leo Vegas was one of the forerunners in terms of bringing together great games from all sorts of different developers but, even prior to the takeover, Royal Panda established itself in the same way. Today, players can expect to find the big hitters from Microgaming and NetEnt, along with a full suite of games from NextGen, Barcrest and more, along with niche classics from Aristocrat and Thunderkick. There’s live dealer action too, and it doesn’t get any better than when provided by Evolution Gaming, so there can simply be no doubt that this is one of the most comprehensive experiences out there.

  • Some of the fastest withdrawals in the industry. We mentioned when commenting on the speed of withdrawals from 888 that some online brands will have your cash back into your electronic wallet within the hour, and Royal Panda is the evidence. We can only assume that the casino has a dedicated team for withdrawal processing, as we’ve actually received our funds within minutes on occasion! The card withdrawals are no slouches either, and players can generally expect to receive their withdrawal within 24 hours.

Cons The Cons:

  • Support at Royal Panda is good but not great. The live chat facility works very well indeed, but operates under limited hours. In the UK, that is 8am until 11.30pm. While this does cover the majority of peak time for players, anyone that wants to be able to reliably contact support as soon as an issue arises may find themselves waiting around for the support desk to reopen on the following day. We will, at this point, balance out this potential negative by saying that the help section on the main Royal Panda site is one of the best that we have ever seen, and players will often by able to solve any issues that they might run into without the direct intervention of a customer support agent.

  • The welcome bonus is nothing too special. We may have been spoiled with no deposit bonuses on some sites, but there is no such offering here, and the welcome bonus itself is pretty weak overall, with just £100 in bonus cash and ten free spins on Starburst on offer. It is one of those welcome offers that is nice to have if you were planning on signing up anyway – which you should be, as this is still a great online casino – but isn’t necessarily worth going out of your way to avail of.
Royal Panda Welcome Bonus: £100 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

5. Play OJO

Play OJO

All of the casinos featured so far are brands that many UK casino players will have heard of before, but the same may not necessarily be said of Play OJO. Given that we do value reputation and popularity fairly highly when recommending online casinos, this gives some insight into what makes Play OJO so special. What it may potentially lack in name recognition, it can more than make up for with the quality of the experience. To be fair, we can explain away just why this casino hasn’t yet entered the mainstream among UK players, as it was only launched back in 2017. Time will tell just how the brand goes about entering the public consciousness, but if our experiences are anything to go by, it has every chance of establishing itself as one of the UK’s finest online casinos. They are clearly doing quite well for themselves, as they have already begun the process of expansion throughout Europe, and they won the prestigious Casino of the Year award at the 2017 Malta iGaming Awards.

The games are everything that players would hope for from a modern online casino experience. We often say that while older, more established casinos have the benefit of their reputation, the newer equivalents have the opportunity to freshen things up and take the best bits from the existing competition before putting it all together as a brand-new experience. That’s definitely the impression that we get from this one, as it utilises youth to come across as one of the downright freshest gaming experiences out there. It also has a unique selling point too – and we’re going to feature that as our very first pro concerning this casino!

Cons The Pros:

  • One element of the Play OJO experience that you can look forward to and are unlikely to find anywhere else is the total elimination of turnover requirements. The Play OJO mission statement indicates that the principles of the casino involve being fun rather than confusing, and there’s a real sense of ‘what you see is what you get’ when playing with this brand. If you get a bonus, you’ve received it outright and won’t have to jump through any hoops in order to enjoy it.

  • There are more than 500 games to enjoy at Play OJO. The selection comprises all of the top titles from the world’s leading developers, and UK players will be particularly delighted to encounter the entire Rainbow Riches range at Play OJO. The game list isn’t set out quite as helpfully as the one at Casumo, which remains one of that brand’s strongest points, but there can be few complaints here given that the casino does indeed have one of the best search functions of all. As we’ve come to expect from the biggest casinos, the virtual games are joined by their live counterparts too, while the jackpot slots on offer at this casino are first class, with the likes of Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah easy to find and play.

Cons The Cons:

  • Credit and debit card withdrawals at Play OJO are perhaps not quite as speedy as they potentially could be. While the wallet withdrawals are spot on, often landing in the player’s account within 24 hours of being requested, we have seen card withdrawals taking up to seven days to complete. Also, it has been indicated that Play OJO is not exactly the fastest casino around when it comes to verification. Most players will be well aware of the requirement for verification at any legal casino in the UK, and the potential slowdown here can make things difficult for first-time withdrawers.

  • While it won’t be a massive issue for just about anyone, we have sometimes got the impression that the servers that Play OJO resides on are not the most powerful! Game slowdown and lag have been commonly-reported issues at this casino, and crashes can be more commonplace than we would like. Again, it doesn’t present a massive issue as games will generally pick up where they left off following a reload, but it can interrupt the immersion of a gaming session.

  • If you’re the kind of player that enjoys cash bonuses, then the no turnover requirement element of this experience may not be the greatest. It wouldn’t make much financial sense for the casino to hand out cash without players needing to do anything before withdrawing it, and that means that bonuses will generally be offered in the form of free spins. Naturally, what you win on those free spins is yours to keep, so there is definitely a silver lining as long as you’re not looking to grab some cash directly.
Play OJO Free Spins: £10 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

6. Super Casino

Super Casino

If you’re going to call yourself Super Casino, you’re immediately giving yourself a lot to live up to. Fortunately, this gaming brand knows what its doing and it is most definitely Super enough to make it onto our top 10 list for players in the UK. The brand doesn’t exactly make much of a splash in the industry in terms of news, and hasn’t really done anything notable – except for the fact that it is the only casino that you can play along with on television! No matter how big or small the competition might be, they simply cannot compete in terms of offering live roulette every weekend, and on terrestrial TV too! While we are not exactly connoisseurs of the show in question, there is something to be said about how trustworthy the outcome of a roulette wheel spin is when it is being monitored by tens of thousands of people at the same time!

Of course, while the television tie-in might well be the biggest boon of playing at Super Casino of all, it is still a solid online casino in its own right and, as with all of our other recommended brands, it is open all hours. If the show isn’t on at any given time, the table is simply marked as ‘off-air’, but there are plenty of ‘on-air’ tables on offer around the clock. There’s regular live roulette on offer too, along with a decent selection of slots.

Pros The Pros:

  • The pros of any online casino on this list don’t get any more obvious than being able to play along on TV – even if the sheer fact that you have to tune in to Channel 5 might be seen as a negative! In some ways, it takes live dealer action to the next level, as you have a shopping channel style presenter leading you through the game and potentially even shouting you out when you land a win.

  • SuperCasino doesn’t simply shut up shop when the show isn’t live, and you’re still left with a well-rounded casino gaming experience in the meantime. In saying that, we would probably suggest keeping your SuperCasino account exclusively for the television interation. As we will discuss further in the cons, the rest of the experience is perhaps on the weaker side compared to what we have seen at the other online casinos on this list.

Pros The Cons:

  • SuperCasino is presented, both online and on TV, as being the home of live roulette in the UK. That’s a worthy ambition and statement, and one that it achieves in our opinion, but that does leave deficiencies in the rest of the gaming experience. All of the slots at the online casino, for example, are provided by Playtech – and we have been over Playtech slots ever since the Marvel games disappeared. The developer is simply not the powerhouse that it once was any more and cannot justifiably single-handedly serve as the main provider at a top casino at this point.

  • Deposits at SuperCasino are fine, with all payment methods, including PayPal, instantly funding your account. However, getting your money back out again can conceivably take quite a bit longer. Wallet withdrawals can take up to a couple of days, and card withdrawals will take at least two, and potentially as long as five.

  • Support is perhaps not quite as good as it potentially could be. We have seen reports of there being a high turnover in support staff at SuperCasino, leading to difficulties in forming the relationships with account managers that can be so important to some players. If you’re not the kind of player to cheekily ask for a bonus when one isn’t due or anything like that, then you’ll hardly notice. However, if you’re looking for VIP treatment and hope to be on first-name terms with your account manager, it might be more difficult to achieve at this casino than elsewhere.
Super Casino Welcome Bonus: £200 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

7. Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino

We come now to another of the biggest names in the UK gaming industry and, like 888 and 32 Red, Mansion Casino owes much of its reputation to the fact that it has been around for as long as it has. It is not quite as old as the others, having launched in 2004, but it has grown over time to become one of the most respected brands in all of gaming. Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of the casino’s strength, at least in financial terms, is that the group also owns and operates in an occurrence that sees one of their domain names being worth more than some other casinos in their entirety! Like some other brands, this casino largely stays out of the news, although they have never been shy about dropping timely marketing campaigns over the years, doing just enough to keep themselves in the public eye without necessarily overspending, given that their reputation is already very good indeed.

They have a close relationship with Playtech, their primary gaming provider, and it is a relationship that is reminiscent of the closeness between 32 Red and Microgaming. In hindsight, it could be said that Mansion backed the wrong horse in that regard, as Playtech has fallen away in popularity somewhat compared to Microgaming, but they are still a force to be reckoned with and are capable of showing players a good time – in spite of the criticisms that we made as part of our coverage of SuperCasino’s game selection above! Indeed, the strength of the partnership is illustrated through the fact that Mansion Casino was the recipient of the inaugural Playtech Award, recognising excellence and innovation within the Playtech partner range.

Pros The Pros:

  • An established name with a clear direction. Mansion Casino has spent well over a decade looking to be the player’s choice in the UK and beyond when it comes to Playtech games, and much as we generally steer clear of Playtech slots nowadays, there can be no denying that there are still thousands upon thousands of fans out there. If you rank among that number, then the chances are that you will not find a more streamlined, exciting experience with your favourite slots than right here at Mansion.

  • Support has always been a strong suit of Mansion Casino, right from the beginning of the brand’s existence, and this continues to this day. Live chat support continues to be available around the clock, and we cannot think of any instance over the years that this was not the case.

  • This is one casino where you can actually see what everything is all about for yourself, as Mansion has close ties to the luxury Les Ambassadeurs Club casino in London. Premium membership at the casino starts at £25,000 per annum, so it certainly isn’t a cheap experience, but if you want a taste of the online action in person, it might be worth dropping in!

Cons The Cons:

  • As noted, if you’re a Playtech slots fan, then you probably won’t find a better gaming experience than this one, especially as it seems that most of the multi-partner casinos often overlook Playtech as a developer option. However, if you’re not already a Playtech fan, the chances are that their existing game selection is going to feel a bit sparse. In essence, if you’ve got favourite slots in the range, you’ll want to play them here. If not, then there’s not really much point turning up in the first place!

  • The banking options at Mansion Casino are a bit of a mixed bag. They offer support for just about every deposit and withdrawal method under the sun, but their timing is a bit off. When Skrill and Neteller withdrawals can take as many as three days, something will definitely feel a bit off, and credit and debit card withdrawals are the slowest on this top ten list, with players often waiting up to a week to receive their cash. The pending time doesn’t help, as funds can be held for up to 72 hours after being requested, and there is no option to have them manually flushed and returned any faster.
Mansion Casino Welcome Bonus: £5000 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

8. GoWild Casino

Go Wild

Its back! GoWild Casino was one of our absolute favourites several years ago, but it upped and left the UK market in 2014, although not before selling its UK customer database to 32 Red. There was clearly some convergence between the two otherwise unrelated brands, not least the fact that both were based closely on Microgaming’s platform. The casino continued to operate elsewhere in the world, and the GoWild brand has never truly gone away, but it has taken until recently for its re-entry into the UK market. Well, here it is, and we are pleased to say that it is as good as ever, making it all but a shoe in for inclusion on our list of the very best online casinos in the UK right now.

Its actually quite the unique experience when playing at GoWild, as it’s technically a new offering but still bears many of the hallmarks of one of the more established online casinos out there. It doesn’t look particularly fresh for how ‘new’ it is, but the proof is most definitely in the pudding at this casino and it is even better today than it ever was before.

Pros The Pros:

  • GoWild has definitely evolved since we last saw it. As noted, back when it opted out of the UK and transferred its players away, it was largely just a Microgaming casino – and we already have a top class one of them in the form of 32 Red. However, the return of the brand marked a change in strategy, and players now have every chance of being able to find just what they are looking to play when they land here. The Microgaming slots and games remain, but they are now joined by titles from NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Play’n Go and many more. There’s even a live dealer casino, powered by Evolution Gaming, and that is a big step forward compared to anything that the previous iteration of this casino had to offer.

  • Support was always one of the strongest points of this casino and it is still going strong today, with top assistance coming the way of players at any time of the day or night. The support team at GoWild have always been among the most friendly and downright useful that we have ever encountered at any online casino, and long may it continue!

  • The return of GoWild meant the return of the Wild Welcome Package, and it is also as good as ever, with players able to claim up to £333, matched at 100%, on their first deposit at the casino, with more bonus cash to come on the next few deposits too. This is definitely another of those casinos where anyone that wants to sign up just for the bonus would be encouraged to do so, although there is more than enough to do at this casino to make it worth sticking around for the long haul!

Cons The Cons:

  • Jackpot hunters are the kinds of players that will need to pay the most attention to the cons of playing at GoWild, as the jackpot slots selection is rather limited to say the least. The Microgaming selection is not as core to the offering as it once was, for example, and the biggest jackpot slot that this casino has to offer is Major Millions. That means no Mega Moolah, which is almost always holding a bigger jackpot prize, and there are no NetEnt jackpot slots at all. Essentially, jackpot players will be looking to land hundreds of thousands rather than millions across games like King Cashalot and Diamond Wild.

  • Somewhat disappointingly, following the outstanding welcome bonus – outstanding enough to be considered a pro in its own right – the ongoing rewards at GoWild Casino leave something to be desired. It actually backs up the idea of turning up for the welcome bonus before going on your merry way, as there are simply more rewarding casinos to play at in the long run. It does matter what you expect in terms of value, but if you see the ongoing rewards as offering a crucial edge over the house, you simply might find yourself with less of an edge than you might otherwise hope when playing with this one!
32 Red Welcome Bonus: £333 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

9. Party Casino

Party Casino

if you played online poker in the UK around ten years ago, then you will undoubtedly have encountered the Party brand before. For reasons that we won’t go into here, given that we’re more concerned about the casino side of things, the popularity of Party Poker waned. However, the brand never went away – and Party Poker is still a thing – but perhaps the most popular part of the offering, at least in the UK right now, is definitely Party Casino. This is not the same Party brand that you’ll remember from the online poker heyday, as it was acquired by GVC in 2017 before being relaunched, taking it from a brand that relied heavily on its own games to the far more commonplace multi-partner casino that we know today. And GVC has done a very decent job indeed.

Given that it is technically not all that old any more, the casino doesn’t feel quite as fresh as it potentially might, but the look and feel is only a small component of what any online gaming experience has to offer. Indeed, there are still throwbacks to the older times of casino gaming, with a download client on offer, for example. However, the rest of the experience is still very good indeed, and it more than warrants a place among the best casinos in the UK right now, even if it only just scrapes into the top 10!

Pros The Pros:

  • If you played at the original Party Casino, then you are definitely in for a treat when it comes to the game selection. The brand originally stood out as being one of the oldest casinos in town, and often had to resort to producing its own slots, simply because there were not enough external developers around to meet demand! The problem was that most of those slots were pretty crumby to say the least. Fortunately, that is a fact that was not lost on the casino itself and players can now enjoy games from many of the biggest names when they play here, including IGT and Yggdrasil, with Evolution Gaming taking care of the live casino side of things.

  • Party Casino, in all its forms, has always been more than capable of showing its VIPs a good time, and they continue to do precisely that to this day. If you’re a higher roller, then you can expect a personal account manager and a cashier service that is tailored to your needs, along with bonuses that have been created specifically with your requirements in mind, not to mention many of the old-school VIP casino perks like event invites and branded gifts.

Cons The Cons:

  • The game selection may have improved, but we would not go as far as to refer to it as being one of the best around. There are certain developers missing at this game, which players at somewhere like Casumo or Leo Vegas would expect to see in action. We would give Party Casino the benefit of the doubt in this regard, as the game selection does feel like something of a work in progress, but as things stand right now, there are more wide-ranging slot selections out there.

  • Withdrawal times are, once again, on the lower end of what we would hope for. E-wallet withdrawals can take a couple of days if the banking team is swamped, and card withdrawals will take at least 48 hours, but can potentially take even longer too.
Party Casino Welcome Bonus: £500 Free Spins: 20 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

10. Leo Vegas


Just making the list of the best online casinos in the UK is LeoVegas and we get the feeling that, for some players, we might well have saved the best for last. The strength of the brand’s marketing and acquisitions muscle has already been illustrated once with the acquisition of Royal Panda, and this is one casino that is rarely out of the news. Fortunately, it is exclusively for the right reasons and it goes without saying that this is one of the true movers and shakers of the UK gaming industry. They have been listed on the Swedish Nasdaq, and proven that there is more to their expansion plans than just snapping up popular casinos, even going out of their way to put together multi-million deals for software providers!

In short, LeoVegas is already one of the very best online casino brands in the UK, but if we were to revisit this list again in the future, it might well have rocketed all the way to number one! As it stands, players should have no qualms about playing there already, as it truly is a fine choice for online play – so let’s get to the highlights and lowlights as we always do! The brand certainly isn’t going away any time soon, matching its acquisition spending on marketing, not least as the main sponsor of several English football clubs.

Pros The Pros:

  • Quite possibly the largest game selection of any casino on this list. Such is the success of the casino that they are one of the few brands where the developers come to them to get involved rather than the other way around, and if you are looking to have access to every one of the biggest casino games around right now within a couple of clicks, you simply won’t go wrong by playing here. We consider NetEnt to be the lead developer, with the Swedes sticking together, but they are by no means alone as you’ll find everything from BetSoft and NextGen to Blueprint Gaming and Yggdrasil within this casino, not to mention a fully-featured live offering too.

  • Leo Vegas was originally conceived as a mobile-first casino, and still boasts of being as such on their corporate site. They offer one of the most compelling online gaming experiences out there, but match it with a truly stunning mobile offering. If you generally prefer to play on your phone or tablet rather than on a desktop or laptop, you could conceivably push this casino a few positions up the rankings already, without taking any future dealings into account! Winning the Mobile Product of the Year Award at the IGA Gaming Awards as part of a hat-trick of gongs should say it all!

  • One of the finest welcome offers out there right now. Did we mention that we love a no deposit bonus? Of course we did! Leo Vegas offers twenty free spins as soon as players create an account, and there’s then hundreds more free spins on their way to you, not to mention over £1,000 in bonus cash, all matched at 100% or better.

Cons The Cons:

  • In many ways, this feature has been bookended by two of the great casinos, as Leo Vegas is truly an outstanding operator, although much of its charm stems from future potential as much as the current offering. We know that this is one casino to keep an eye on as things are bound to get bigger and better in record time when this brand is involved. It is already one of the best, but there are others out there that are better, but that could change in the blink of an eye!

  • We’d like to see a few more payment options being added. The gold standard, at least in terms of casinos on this list, is Mansion Casino. Right now, Leo Vegas has all of the basics covered, but that’s really about it. Outside of the common credit and debit cards and a couple of electronic wallets, we do feel that there is room for improvement in the eyes of some players – although this is most definitely only a minor criticism as players should still be well-served in general.
LeoVegas Welcome Bonus: £700 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions


Even when curating the best casinos in the UK, you can see that some of them have strengths and weaknesses that ensure that some will appeal to players more so than others. There is not quite such a thing as the perfect online casino just yet, in terms of one that we would recommend without a doubt to any player that asked. Casumo does come close, and it is the kind of brand that is always evolving and improving, so it might well get there. However, we realise that different players want different things, and the free spins offered for going up a level might not appeal as much as a cash bonus depending on who is playing.

However, between the 10 selections above, we are extremely confident in saying that it basically doesn’t get any better than this, and these ten casinos are basically the top all-rounders for any UK player that is looking to play big, win big and get handsomely rewarded for all of their action too. Whether you are in to a certain kind of game, or look out for a big welcome to set you on your way, none of these casinos will disappoint – although we’d encourage you to place as much weight on any negatives as on any positives, as they can make just as much of a difference.

So, there you have it. If you want to play in the UK in style, we’ve served up ten top brands where we feel that you simply will not be able to go too wrong! We’re happy with the selections, and have hopefully provided some food for thought as, overall, we want our readers to play at the closest it is possible to come to the perfect casino for their needs!