PayPal Casino: Online Casinos that Accept PayPal Payments

Whenever we check out a casino that we have never played at before nowadays, one element of the offering that we are always on the lookout for in the banking options is PayPal. We have found, in recent times, that it ends up being the most convenient way of managing our money of all, especially across a number of different gaming platforms, all at the same time. if it’s there when we look for it, the casino in question will receive at least one mark in the positives column, although it does, of course, have to kick on from there too in order to truly be taken seriously as a contender!

Here's a list of some of the best casinos that offer PayPal as a payment option!

Why We Love PayPal at Online Casinos

  • PayPal eliminates the clutter from your bank statement. Assuming you’re using your PayPal balance rather than funding when making deposits, you can well and truly cut down on the number of entries on your card statement, while also keeping a close eye on your incomings and outgoings if you’re that kind of player.

  • The payment service eliminates much of the strain of withdrawal times. Casinos that take two or three days to process card withdrawals often have their hands tied, as they’re not the only ones involved in the withdrawal process. With PayPal, however, players will find that most casinos will return their funds in a matter of hours. With PayPal withdrawals to a bank account generally being instant, it can massively cut down the amount of time that players are waiting around to get their hands on their cash.

  • Any online wallet, PayPal included, offers an added layer of security. If you’re not using a credit or debit card, then you’re not sharing your card number and other pertinent details with anyone else, and that is always going to come as good news for the security-conscious. PayPal obviously also has its own safeguards and security measures in place to keep customers happy, and it can all boil down to being one of the most convenient, safest ways to manage your online play.

Part of what makes PayPal so popular as a banking method right now is the fact that it has not always been the most accessible service for casino players, to the point that PayPal actually went out of its way to avoid offering merchant services to online casinos. On the one hand, the very best casinos around right now are among the most secure websites in the world, and they are every bit as reliable as every other merchant. On the other, PayPal is clearly looking to become the de facto payment processing service for individuals around the world, and it is primarily individuals that make use of casino entertainment. In 2015, the world’s online gambling industry was worth US$37.91 billion. In the UK alone in 2017, 34% of the nation’s £13.8 billion revenue came from remote gaming, covering sports betting, bingo and casino gaming, accounting for £4.7 billion in gross gambling yield overall.

Basically, PayPal is a business, and exists to make as much revenue of its own as possible. In taking a chunk of each transaction as part of processing fees, ignoring the best online casinos meant that they were leaving money on the table. If PayPal was to continue to largely avoid online gaming transactions, they would be missing out on almost 10% of their total revenue for 2017! Fortunately for us players, common sense prevailed, and casino operators now find it just as easy to implement PayPal as a payment method as any other online business. Some still choose not to, as it has become accepted practice that the casino bears the brunt of the associated fees rather than the player, but the good news, and what is most relevant to this feature, is the fact that some of the very best casinos in the world now permit deposits and withdrawals using PayPal, no questions asked.

So, the chances are that you’re a PayPal user already, and are looking to find the absolute best casino out there that supports such deposits and withdrawals. That’s where we come in, as we have played at just about every gaming brand in the world at this point, and know a thing or two about what to look out for. In putting together the Top 10 PayPal online casinos, we have simply used PayPal use as a starting point. We also strive to ensure that the casino in question offers a well-rounded, exciting offering in its own right. Essentially, just because any given casino enables PayPal transactions in no way guarantees it a spot on this list! Instead, we are all about the games, support, bonuses and other aspects of the experience that allow a good casino to become great.

At the same time, we have put less stock than usual in the banking options. If a casino takes an age to transfer funds back to a credit card following a withdrawal request, for example, that’s none of our concern. The featured gaming brands here have been hand-picked on the basis that you have every intention of using PayPal for cash going into the account, and coming back out again too. There are some cracking brands coming up, comprising not only some of the biggest names in gaming, but some lesser-known casinos that we feel are worthy of more exposure. So, let’s get to it and establish a ranking of what are genuinely the best PayPal casinos around right now.

1. Leo Vegas


Like Casumo, Leo Vegas is one of those online gaming brands that doesn’t necessarily require all that much by way of an introduction, and it is extremely fair to say that it has carved out a reputation as one of the best-know online casinos out there. Like some of the more prominent casinos on this list, that all becomes even more impressive when you consider that the brand has made all of these massive steps since launching in 2012, which many would not consider as being all that long a time.

Indeed, perhaps one of the most telling signs of success for the casino was the fact that, towards the end of 2017, it was labelled as Europe’s newest ‘unicorn’, as the entire Leo Vegas group achieved a valuation of more than US$1 billion. As the linked article points out, Sweden has never been a slouch when it comes to providing such ‘unicorns’, with King and office favourite Spotify being two other notable names. It is publicly listed, of course, which goes a long way towards enabling it to have such a valuation, and there is no saying on that basis whether Leo Vegas is any better or worse than other brands out there, but we, for one, are very happy with everything that they provide!

Pros The Pros:

  • Virtually future-proof gaming. It feels like – and this is more a feeling than reality – that if a game is available anywhere, it is offered at Leo Vegas. With cash like that flying around, it seems that they get what they want by way of gaming partners and, as we have seen on multiple occasions recently, if they like what they see, they might even purchase it outright! Then again, you don’t become a ‘unicorn’ by standing still, but it all adds up to a casino offering that we feel will serve players well heading into the next few years of casino gaming.

  • Associated with that future-proofing is that the management at Leo Vegas has never forgotten that the casino brand was originally conceived as a mobile casino operator. When you set out as such, it will always set you up well for the future and, as we always say about Leo Vegas, if you are the kind of player that likes to get the action going on your phone or tablet as much as online, if not more so, then they are definitely the right brand to back.

Cons The Cons:

  • As one of the biggest casinos around – and one that is growing all the time – we have seen numerous reports that sometimes Leo Vegas gets a bit too busy! Their support is open around the clock, but some players have reported being left waiting for responses to their enquiries at the casino. As always with this casino, however, we are clutching at straws for negatives and there really are no downsides to playing here whether your primary interest is the range of games, fairness, security or anything else that makes for a complete online casino gaming experience!
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2. Casumo


The adventure-packed Casumo makes its way onto the list in fourth position, and this is another of those online brands that we will always try to add into the mix when it comes to recommending casinos, just as long as it fits the criteria. Indeed, even if Casumo didn’t offer PayPal as standard, we’d have considered setting up an account on their behalf just so that they could be here! We have mentioned recently how this is our own casino of choice for most needs, with only the desire to play one of the handful of games that they don’t offer generally diverting us elsewhere.

It may not be the oldest gaming brand in existence, having only been around since 2012 and only expanding into the UK from its native Scandinavia in 2015. With how fast things move in online gaming, we have nothing but respect for how the brand has managed to establish itself as one of the truly essential gaming opportunities all over Europe and beyond right now. Multi-language and currency support, one of the strongest mobile offerings out there and one of the most comprehensive gaming selections out there all add up to making this a truly top-tier PayPal casino in any estimations.

Pros The Pros:

  • The games. A list of major slot providers that this casino is not partnered with would be shorter than the list of ones that they are, and outside of only a couple developers, they boast pretty much an all-encompassing range of slot games. As noted, we’re not averse to heading to another casino to find the missing games, but this is becoming less and less common as more developers are added all the time.

  • Given that one of the negatives that comes up time and time again when appraising even the recommended casinos is limited support options, we have to point out just how good support is at Casumo – just as long as you’re not overly keen on using the phone. As long as you’re happy with live chat or email, you can expect a response from this casino at absolutely any time of the day or night.

Cons The Cons:

  • We are big fans of the adventure style at the casino, with rewards being earned by progressing through levels, with experience being awarded with every spin of the reels, hand at the table or by doing just about anything else at the casino. The more you earn, the faster you’ll earn it in the future, but we have heard and appreciate concerns that the resulting bonuses may not be as great as they are cracked up to be. We like the streamlined nature of bonus awards, but if you’re the kind of player that is all about the value, a regular comp point scheme may suit your needs better.
Casumo Welcome Bonus: £1200 Free Spins: 200 rating register now Read Bonus Terms & Conditions

3. Mr Green

Mr Green

Mr Green is one of those online casino brands that has virtually arrived out of nowhere to take the online gaming world by storm. Having originally launched back in 2008, the growth since then has been impressive to say the least, and they are now considered by some players as being the very biggest and best casino brand in the world. Let’s just say that nobody is accusing them of having a silly name anymore! Indeed, Mr Green has gone on to become one of the most iconic mascots in all of gaming, having been the subject of numerous advertising campaigns on television and in print, and we had no idea all those years ago that a guy in a green bowler hat would somehow go on to become one of the most important people in the casino industry – even when he technically doesn’t exist!

One of the most impressive aspects of the Mr Green offering actually has nothing at all to do with the games themselves, and instead is just how seriously they take responsible gambling. Most of the top casinos make this a priority, of course, but this brand goes out of its way to help players with limit-setting and advice through the Green Gaming program. Any casino that shares our interest in putting the player first is always going to be deserving of big thumbs up and, in that regard, Mr Green is definitely one of the best around.

Pros The Pros:

  • A truly mammoth game selection. We often mention multi-developer casinos and, for many players, Mr Green will be the first name that comes to mind. Even though they have perhaps the closest relationship with NetEnt of any major online casino, there is certainly no exclusivity to that relationship and players will be able to sink their teeth into well over a thousand games each and every time they log in. This is one of those online casinos where it would be easier to list the development studios that they are not partnered with rather than the ones that they are, and whether your gaming upbringing took place on land or online, the chances are that if there’s an online version out there, you’ll be able to play it here.

  • Mr Green is one of those online casinos that does just about everything right, and spotlighting the very best bits of the experience gives us plenty to choose from. If we were to narrow it down to something that this brand does quite a bit better than the competition, then we would simply have to talk about the customer support on offer. We have found it to consistently be among the most responsive and downright useful that we have ever encountered within the casino gaming industry, and the fact that said support is available around the clock ensures that there is always someone on hand to deal with any queries or enquiries. With that said, we have only really encountered support during our various reviews when posing a test question – the Mr Green experience is so robust that nothing has ever actually gone wrong for us so far!

Cons The Cons:

  • There is not a lot not to like about Mr Green as a gaming destination, although something that is sure to stand out to some players is the fact that the bonuses on offer at this casino are rather uninspired. We can only assume that word of mouth and various marketing campaigns have come together to ensure that the welcome bonus is not as valuable a promotional tool at Mr Green as it has been known to be with other developers. There is one, of course, but it is not the main reason to head to Mr Green – fortunately, there are many other great reasons to do so that may well render the welcome offer rather insignificant!
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4. 888 Casino

888 Casino

You’ll almost certainly have already seen plenty about 888 Casino here on the site, as it really is one of the great all-round gaming brands out there, and if it fits our criteria for a best-of selection, the chances are that you’ll find it there. There’s not a huge amount more to say about this gaming brand that hasn’t been said already – it is unlikely to change the founding date from 1997, for example! That makes it one of the most established names in all of gaming and a clear pick for anyone that values longevity when choosing their online casino.

We have spoken at length previously, too, about how 888 Casino always seems amenable to evolving to stay ahead of the curve, and that is brilliantly illustrated by the way that their game selection has improved over time. Considering that they are so old that they had to produce their own games for a time to keep things fresh, they have emerged from those circumstances to become a genuinely viable, multi-developer option. For players, that means plenty of games and a great chance of being able to find exactly what you are looking to play to boot!

Pros The Pros:

  • A big name with an outstanding track record. 888 Casino has seen the competition come and go more so than just about anyone else in the gaming industry, and it goes without saying that they have maintained an incredibly strong presence – certainly strong enough to edge into the last but not least position on this list. The eagle-eyed can still spot legacy mentions of the fact that the download client is compatible with Windows 95 in parts of the site, although we’re not in a position to test whether that continues to be the case!

  • If you’re the kind of player that likes to mix and match when it comes to your online gaming activities, then your 888 Casino account will give you unmatched access to a suite of services. Along with 888 Casino, there’s 888 Sports, 888poker and much more. Basically, anything that you want to do, and fund with a PayPal account, you can probably do it here.

Cons The Cons:

  • One element of the 888 Casino offering that doesn’t seem to have evolved or adapted all that much over time is the withdrawal processing. Sure, they clearly have an eye on banking options, as PayPal simply wasn’t a viable option back when this casino launched, but the withdrawal processing times, combined with the actual withdrawal itself, can take quite a while. Funds can be held for up to 72 hours, and manual flushing is not available, and you will still then have the standard processing times to contend with. It is by no means a deal breaker, but it is most definitely worth keeping in mind.

  • The other major downside of playing at 888 Casino also stems from something having not been available when the casino launched, and seemingly never added retroactively. There is no live chat support at 888 Casino, and while there is an extensive help section on the main casino site, we know that some players prefer to ask a question and get a tailored answer. This part of the experience is so old-fashioned that it is almost humorous, although players are once again encouraged to decide how much of a difference to the experience this makes.
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5. Dunder Casino


We’ve already had some rather odd, and bizarre names in this feature already, but Dunder may well take the cake! Fortunately, this is probably symptomatic of there having been so many online casinos over the years that all of the good names have already gone, and there’s also the fact that the name of this brand in no way reflects the quality – it is well and truly deserving of a position on this list of the top 10 PayPal casinos. With hundreds of games, not to mention just about anything else you could hope for from a leading online casino gaming experience, it is a force to be reckoned with for anyone that wants to manage their gaming finances using their PayPal account.

This is another of the new breed of online casinos – further explaining why it had to go with one of the last names in the hat – having officially launched back in 2016. We’re not sure whether it simply doesn’t have the same marketing budget as some of its larger rivals, or if it simply chooses to get by on word of mouth, but there are plenty of reasons why you might not have heard of this casino before. That all deserves to change, however, as since launch, this casino has well and truly gone from strength to strength and PayPal banking is just one of several reasons to make this one your online casino of choice. With that said, it is not without its faults but, as we are so often inclined to do, we are going to lay it all on the line regarding the positives and negatives, allowing our readers to make an informed decision of their own!

Pros The Pros:

  • As one of the freshest and finest online casinos out there right now, Dunder Casino has firmly embraced the idea of being a multi-developer gaming experience. With that in mind, you’ll be hard pressed to find a game that they actually don’t offer – and they’re very proud of this fact too. A selection of their partner developers is displayed on the main page, including the likes of NetEnt, Play’n Go, Microgaming and Evolution, and the case proudly states that its gaming range now exceeds a thousand titles at the time of writing. That makes for a comprehensive selection and while it covers both slots and other games, given the nature of the names involved, you can always be sure that there will be more slots than anything else served up here at this online casino.

  • Jackpot hunters will certainly not be disappointed with the offerings served up to them at Dunder, as they not only offer games from all sorts of different developers, but all of the top jackpot slots too. For the uninitiated, there are quite a few otherwise excellent casinos out there that offer games from the biggest names in the business, but actually skimp on the jackpot slots, often going with just the smaller ones or, in some cases, no jackpot slots at all. There are no such issues here, however, and you’re only ever a couple of clicks away from switching between Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and all of your other favourites.

Cons The Cons:

  • We almost want to give Dunder something of a pass in terms of support, as it is such a young casino in the grand scheme of things, but there is no getting away from the fact that support that operates only from 9am until 9pm GMT is not going to prove outstanding. Throw in the fact that support is offered only through email and live chat, with no phone option available, and some players may want to pick up on this fact early on as part of their decision making.

  • We can only assume that the payment processing team leaves the office at the same time as the support team, as we found that withdrawals can range between stunningly fast and boringly slow, seemingly with no rhyme or reason to account for it. The standard pending time for withdrawal requests at Dunder is 24 hours and no manual flushing is available. However, the pending time seems to be based entirely on how long it takes to get around to processing the request, as we have known e-wallet and PayPal withdrawals to hit player accounts within the hour. At other times, the full pending period is observed and so you never know quite how long you’ll be waiting around. In fairness, this does seem to be one element of the casino experience that is improving all the time and so we would look towards giving them the benefit of the doubt in this regard.
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6. Jackpot City

Jackpot City

Jackpot City is one of those online casinos where, even based on the name alone, it feels like the brand has been around forever. In many ways, that comes down to the fact that it has in online gaming terms, having first hit our screens way back in 1998. It has gone from strength to strength ever since, even if the main page at the casino hasn’t really changed much over the years! Strong relationships with its primary gaming partners, most notably Microgaming, have ensured that the game selection has remained fresh, although the age of the brand also ensures that players will have no trouble at all finding the classics and forgotten favourites as part of the gaming range.

One of the best things for new players at Jackpot City is the fact that the casino has been around since massive welcome bonuses were the norm, and the brand continues to offer one of the most notable offers in the industry, with more than $1,600 in bonus cash on offer for new signups – and the rewards don’t end there either. A simple but consistent loyalty program ensures that players will be rewarded for each and every spin as they rise up through the tiers, increasing their points earning rate and the resulting rewards as they go.

The casino generally plays things safe, and you can go months at a time without hearing from them. By this point, they have the kind of player base that is the envy of much of the competition, and they generally rely on the occasional news release concerning their jackpot slots or big new releases to keep them out of sight but firmly in mind.

Pros The Pros:

  • We have mentioned before how you don’t stick around for more than twenty years as an online casino without delivering exactly what players are looking for, and the fact that Jackpot City is doing as well as ever right now is testament to just how good the overall online gaming experience truly is. Many of their players are those that have been there for years themselves, and with no good reason to go anywhere else, you can see why they are happy to stick around where they are!

  • Very few online brands come close to delivering Microgaming action to quite the level of quality as Jackpot City, and much of that stems from the fact that their relationship with Microgaming, their software provider of choice, is one of the closest out there. When a new release drops, which they do with alarming regularity where Microgaming is involved, you can bet that it will be ready to fire up and play pretty much immediately at Jackpot City, for example. They never get rid of any slots either, and you’ll find the whole Microgaming experience loaded up and ready to play, with a huge number of games not only on offer through the online interface, but on the mobile site too.

Cons The Cons:

  • Just as years of service are a positive, they can also negatively impact the impression of the overall experience that some players will receive. As noted, it feels like the main Jackpot City landing page has not changed at all since it was launched, and so any chance of it feeling like a truly fresh experience goes out of the window somewhat. The long-term relationship that the brand has cultivated with Microgaming also means that they are probably not looking to sign up any more development partners any time soon. That was the norm for a long time, but as players become increasingly accustomed to multi-developer casino platforms with upwards of a thousand games, Jackpot City can feel a little restrictive unless you’re a Microgaming purist.

  • While by no means a major issue for many players, those that bet reasonably big will want to keep the withdrawal limit at Jackpot City in mind, which is capped at €4,000 per week. Additional cash will not simply disappear or anything like that, and it will be maintained in your account until the withdrawal period resets, but it can mean that you’ll be waiting around for a while to get your hands on your money following a particularly massive win.
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PayPal has done so much to establish itself as the payment method of choice in the online space that there is basically no chance of it going anywhere any time soon. We covered the benefits of using your PayPal account for your gaming transactions in the introduction, but that was quite a while ago now! So, to reiterate, you can clean up your statements, add a layer of security to your own finances and do seamless banking, often much more quickly than with a regular credit or debit card depending on your location.

The viability of PayPal as a casino banking option is only reinforced by the fact that some of our favourite online casinos of them all make use of it – the kind of gaming destinations that would appear on any top 10 list of recommendations as long as it was eligible. We must remember, however, that there is still plenty of value in seeking out the cream of the crop, especially when some otherwise highly performing gaming brands have not yet jumped on that PayPal train and continue to prefer the older style of banking.

With that said, we are confident that the casinos mentioned above genuinely represent a solid breadth of choice for all kinds of players to enjoy. Mr Green, Quasar Gaming, Casumo and Leo Vegas, for example rank among the best casinos in the world regardless of the criteria, and we feel that anyone that wants to play in style will simply not be able to go wrong with anything that they have to offer.

More Recommended Paypal Casinos

What PayPal Means for Your Online Gaming

While it would certainly be possible to go into far more detail on what PayPal brings to the table as a payment service, the basics are that it serves as a separate account from your bank or credit card accounts and is therefore simple to manage as a separate entity. Just as when making a purchase, players that choose to make a deposit with PayPal will go through the standard procedures on the casino site, including choosing a deposit amount and verifying their account when required, before being taken to the main PayPal site to complete the transaction. As long as there are funds in your account, or a linked card that can be drawn upon in order to provide these funds, then the transaction will be instantaneous, with players being taken back to their main casino account page with their balance updated and ready for action.

Great Reasons to Use PayPal for Casino Gaming

As PayPal has become more easily accessible when playing online, we have become more and more inclined to make use of it as it simply works for us. We are such big fans of the system that we have several reasons why we feel that other players should use it too, and the service comes in handy in more ways than you may think.


The biggest benefit of all when using PayPal for your casino deposits and withdrawals all comes down to the security benefits. It will not have escaped your attention that we value the safety and security of our cash and personal information highly when reviewing casinos and that extends to our readers too, and PayPal can definitely give the whole process a push in the right direction.

The fact that your interaction with the casino is essentially handled through a separate process is a good thing as far as we are concerned. While some players may find it unnecessary, given that the leading online casinos are already some of the most secure online sites in the world, the opportunity for the actual payment process to take place through PayPal’s servers, which could be considered as being the most secure of all, is one that we are more than happy to take. Stories of big company sites being compromised are an almost daily occurrence, but it is telling for the security-conscious that reports of compromised PayPal accounts through anything but user error are scarce.

The added layer in the payment process also ensures that your information is inherently kept safe. In terms of identifiable information, all that the casino receives is your email address which, in most cases, will be the same for both your PayPal account and casino account. They receive no account numbers or effectively anything outside their own Know Your Customer requirements, so if there was to be an attack on their servers or anything else along those lines, there is simply no financial information there to be compromised in the first place.


Security may be hugely important when it comes to casino gaming and moving your money around online, but we are all for quality of life improvements and one area in which PayPal shines against the competition is speed. If you are used to using a credit or debit card for your deposits then you will already be accustomed to instant use of your funds, but withdrawing them can be a different story. Many online casinos retain withdrawal requests as part of a holding period, usually for between 24 and 48 hours, and it can then take a day or two for the money to finally land back into your account. With PayPal, the nature of the service ensures that things are slightly different in this regard. While the holding period is unavoidable, as most casinos that make use of one will do so no matter the withdrawal method, the transfer from the casino to PayPal is usually instantaneous when requested. In most markets, subsequent transfers between a PayPal account and bank account are also instant and that means that players can get used to the idea of having their withdrawn funds back into their account within a matter of hours rather than days.

Naturally, where deposits are concerned, they are instant when using PayPal just as when using any other deposit method, so you can start playing through your funds right away. As we will cover in more detail below, bonuses are always fully compatible with PayPal deposits too, so there is no need to miss out on any of the potential that this payment method provides.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Just about anyone can have a PayPal account as while the company continues to introduce credit options, business perks and more, at a basic level, it remains simply an online membership account. Different circumstances affect different people, and they may be unable to acquire a traditional bank account or credit card for whatever reason, and while such options are handy to have in terms of funding your PayPal account, they are not essential and PayPal can easily prove to be one of the most accessible means of moving money around online.

Even if you do have regular accounts, when it comes to casino gaming, a PayPal account can be the perfect complement. From further quality of life improvements to build on the speed, such as keeping your gaming transactions separate from a swarm of bill payments and cash withdrawals, to the fact that you can access a PayPal account from anywhere online, on mobile and through a dedicated app, there are plenty of driving factors behind PayPal becoming one of the most used and most popular money management methods for online players of all kinds.

Added Bonuses

We mentioned previously that players can expect to make full use of any casino bonuses that are offered as standard when using PayPal, but some operators take things a step further. The security, flexibility and other factors that make the service so appealing to players also apply to the casinos themselves too, and some of them go out of their way to attract as many PayPal players as possible. After all, not holding any pertinent financial information not only matters to the person to whom this information applies, but also to the casinos – if they do end up suffering an attack, if there is nothing to be stolen then it is unlikely to be newsworthy.

Just as bonuses have been the lifeblood of the industry when it comes to attracting new players, some casinos will even offer additional bonuses to players that use PayPal for their first deposit, or even ongoing ones. The tactic was commonplace when it came to attracting players that use Skrill and Neteller, and it seemingly works just as well here. After all, if you were going to be using PayPal anyway, you may as well get extra bang for your buck as part of the process! Admittedly, such bonus boosts are somewhat rare right now, but they are definitely worth keeping an eye out for if you are the kind of player that likes to make as much out of potential bonuses as possible.

Considerations When Using PayPal

We do have to accept that there is not currently a ‘perfect’ online casino payment provider or one to rule them all, and while we feel that PayPal comes pretty close to excelling in this regard, it is still fair to say that there are some elements of the experience that players would do well to keep an eye out for.

Fees When Using PayPal

One of the reasons why PayPal became such a popular service among consumers is the fact that it links everyone together in such a way where fees are applied to transactions in various ways. In many cases, there will only be fees for sending or receiving money but not both, and these charges can often be a lot more tolerable than with some other services. Given that most casinos utilise PayPal in the same way as other merchants, this generally means that a deposit will incur no additional charges on the face of it. However, the casino will incur fees for receiving the payment and this is where players need to be on their guard. Many casinos will absorb these fees just as they would with a traditional credit card payment, while others, including some of the bigger names and most respected casinos, will levy an additional charge on the initial deposit or take a percentage out of the amount that ultimately arrives in your gaming balance.

This is one area in which there is no real guideline, and we would encourage players to check this particular area of the terms and conditions as and when possible to see whether they can expect to play through their full deposit amount or will be on the receiving end of the fees.

Skrill and Neteller May Still Be Good Options

PayPal’s strength is the fact that so many people have an account, especially in comparison to Skrill and Neteller, which are perhaps more traditionally closely associated with online casino gaming. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which of the services is better, as while they all publish their fees, charges and rates, players will generally find that one service is superior in one regard while another beats it another area. For example, PayPal charges a fee to receive money while neither Neteller nor Skrill do, but adding money to your PayPal account incurs a single tier of charges while Skrill and Neteller can reach up to 5.5% and 9% respectively. On balance, if you already have a PayPal account but do not have either of the others then it could well be perfect for casino gaming and there is no real reason to switch. The chances are that you will have the option to make use of all three services at any casino where PayPal is available, and if you already have access to one of them then we cannot really think of a reason to switch – although we remain big fans of PayPal itself!

Overall – PayPal as a Casino Cash Management Service

The aggressive growth among casinos that offer PayPal support has ensured that PayPal is now every bit as viable when it comes to managing your money as other payment methods and cards. It offers the kind of segregation between online and offline purchases that many players will crave and is unquestionably one of the safest ways to manage your money no matter what you are doing. It continues to have competition from traditional cards, Skrill, Neteller and even a rise in Bitcoin, but as far as we are concerned, PayPal is to be taken seriously as one of the best ways of getting cash into and out of your gaming accounts. The company has been around since 1998, which is an eternity in online terms, and shows no signs of going anywhere any time soon, and we feel that the use of PayPal can be a genuine improvement to any player’s online gaming activities.