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Casino Heroes Review

Now, this is the kind of casino name that we can get excited about. Some of our favourite online slots of all time feature superheroes so any brand that decides to call itself Casino Heroes will immediately grab our attention. Of course, it could have nothing at all to do with superheroes but finding out is all part of the fun. Indeed, early impressions indicated that the casino could well make the player the hero, as it is known to attempt to combine social gaming, role playing and of course conventional casino gaming in one handy package. It certainly sounds audacious and could well turn out to be one of the best, most unique gaming experiences around. Of course, it could just as easily be a gimmick that falls flat, but the only way to find out is to check out the full review below!

The Experience and Gaming Software

The concept of Casino Heroes basically seems to boil down to combining casino gaming and video games. We can accept that there are a number of crossovers between the two, but our inner sceptic also wonders whether such an idea can work and, if it does, why it took until the launch of Casino Heroes back in 2014 in order to realise it. The best way to work out what is going on is to head over to the part of the casino called ‘The Adventure’.

Players become a Casino Hero by signing up and claiming their 250 free spins. Heroic as that may be, it sounds like a pretty bog standard casino welcome bonus to us. Next, they earn rubies for playing games as they journey towards the boss. So, that will be comp points then. These rubies can be cashed in for free spins of varying amounts, which leads us to wonder whether we’d be happier with the instant cash and no turnover requirements that most comp points lead to.

In fairness, the progress bar is a nice touch, and we assume that it works in the same way as a VIP ladder at other online casinos. The higher the bar, the closer players are to the next boss fight, and fighting a boss can lead to the award of more free spins and other bonuses. There are no guarantees of winning either and losing will set the progress bar back, meaning that players need to build it back up again before they can challenge the boss one more time, preferably collecting loot on this occasion. We actually weren’t all that impressed by the boss fights as there is no skill involved. Winning or losing is dependent on the spin of a wheel of fortune and you actually need to have a decent amount of luck in order to get to the boss in the first place, let alone beat him.

We actually haven’t mentioned the actual games yet, and Casino Heroes does at least do a great job in this regard, bringing together titles from NetEnt, Microgaming and many more in order to make for a pretty comprehensive gaming experience. We are led to believe that the casino used to hide games behind bosses in an unlockable state, but that fortunately seems to no longer be the case as doing that would probably lead to an instant one-star rating – we just cannot stand the idea of not having full and immediate access to whatever games a casino has to offer!

Account Management and Customer Support

Fortunately, there are no boss battles involved when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals at the casino and the banking facilities are at least adequate. Players can make use of most common methods such as credit cards and electronic wallets, with everything other than the rather uncommon bank transfer method hitting your account instantly. Withdrawals are also reasonably speedy and we found that they were processed within 24 hours of being requested, although often much sooner.

Support is decent when it is open, but the limited opening hours are really one of the downsides of playing at Casino Heroes, simply because they offer their services internationally. If you’re not in Europe, then live support is unlikely to be available at peak times and we really do think that 24-hour support should be offered as standard nowadays.

Casino Heroes Review in Summary

We have to give credit where it is due and we do admire what the team behind Casino Heroes has looked to achieve with this brand. However, the potential of the idea makes it even more galling to discover that the execution is pretty poor. The whole ‘adventure’ element of the casino basically consists of standard casino bonuses under a different name and even parts of the experience that are more an inconvenience than something to enhance the experience. You could strip the whole adventure element away and nothing would really change, and the lacking support and somewhat limited banking options serve to make Casino Heroes just an average online operator while also being something of a missed opportunity. It is a shame to say it, but most Microgaming and NetEnt fans, especially outside Europe, will find something similar but better elsewhere within our online casino reviews.