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mFortune Review

mFortune Casino is possibly the best known mobile gaming brand in the UK and it has certainly benefited from the fact that it was one of the very first movers when it came to bringing mobile action to a wider audience. As with most casinos that start out as mobile offerings, this brand quickly found that using an established reputation to segue into online action made perfect sense and while the casino is certainly no longer only for mobile players, those who choose to play here will find plenty of tweaks that can make mobile play better. All games, for example can be sent to your mobile device for play and the casino benefits from bespoke software in order to ensure that every game that can be played online can be enjoyed across mobile devices too.

As noted, mFortune Casino was one of the early movers in the mobile space and that is evidenced by the fact that it launched way back in 2008, when colour screens were a novelty and the casino games were coded in Java. It is an option only for UK players as it is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and nobody else, so that will of course exclude many of our readers. Nevertheless, it is a decent proposition that we are looking forward to investigating further.

The Experience and Gaming Software

As noted, where the casino really stands out is through the fact that all of their games are exclusive. While virtually every big-name casino supports titles from some of the biggest and best-known developers in the world, there simply weren’t all that many mobile providers to choose from back in 2008. Unperturbed, mFortune Casino proceeded with its own titles, but the fact remains that it is a smaller developer in the grand scheme of things. That means that the games on offer are far from plentiful, although there are a few gems within the range.

We played Sherlock – Murdered to Death when carrying out our review, not least because we have been inundated by Sherlock slots recently and wanted to see what mFortune Casino had to bring to the table. It’s not as good as IGT’s Sherlock Holmes and the Hunt for Blackwood, but is still a decent enough game. Most importantly, it loaded quickly both online and on mobile and performed well over the course of a thirty-minute gaming session.

There aren’t that many slots, but there are even fewer table games and video poker titles on offer and if you’re looking to play anything any more taxing than blackjack and roulette then you’ll almost certainly have to head elsewhere in order to do so. There are no live games on offer to boost the selection either and we would have to say that this probably isn’t the kind of gaming range that is going to truly inspire players to get involved.

Account Management and Customer Support

mFortune Casino offers all of the account management functionality that players would expect whether they are accessing the site online or through their mobile device, and everything from managing your money to checking out the latest promotions is a pleasurable experience that we cannot fault.

Support is a bit more of a mixed bag, although we were pleased to see that the casino has now added live chat – something that was not there last time that we visited. The phone support and email continues to be available and we also liked the fact that players can text the casino for help, with a call back being scheduled within five minutes to walk through the issue.

mFortune Review in Summary

Where mFortune Casino made its reputation was by being one of the first brands to market just as mobile casino gaming was taking off. It is therefore kind of sad to see that the brand has now been left behind somewhat, and it is by no means the most essential mobile gaming experience that it once was. The games are generally disappointing and pale in comparison to what is on offer at bigger name mobile casinos and there just isn’t enough by way of special tricks to make the brand something that we can recommend all that highly. That said, the support and banking are good and the games are of course all perfectly suited for mobile play, so if you’re in the UK and spend a lot of time playing on your phone or tablet then this casino may well be worth checking out.