Lucky 88


Lucky 88 Online Casino Slot Review

Considering that they are an Australian developer, Aristocrat is heavily involved in the creation of Oriental slots to say the least. In fairness, there are not all that many native Asian developers and we guess that Aristocrat is the closest of the big names in terms of physical distance, and the company does indeed supply many of the most important casinos in Macau and throughout the region. The important takeaway from this is that they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to games like this one, and we know from past experience that Lucky 88 is one of the best of the lot, so let’s get right into the review and weigh it up against the competition!

The Style and Base Gameplay

The backdrop to the Lucky 88 board is one of the most striking that players will find in the Aristocrat selection and the symbols on the board fit perfectly with the style and tone that players will have come to expect over the years. Yes, those card ranks are there to dent the atmosphere once again, but the vivid themed symbols go a long way to compensating for that in full. They are worth a fair chunk of change as well, and there are 25 win lines in play over which to match them all up, with help always on hand from the emperor wild. This is possibly the biggest and best wild card in the Aristocrat range, as he will not only substitute in for all of the standard paying symbols, but will also apply a multiplier. That could be just doubling or tripling the prize, but if he is feeling particularly generous the prize boost can rise all the way up to 88 times its standard value!

It is also worth pointing out at this stage that Lucky 88 is one of only a handful of online games from Aristocrat to make use of the Extra Choice feature. This entails bumping up your initial stake, but receiving an enhanced bonus round in return. Speaking of which, that bonus round is up next as part of this review!

Features and Extras

The Chinese lantern is the scatter symbol and while we would love to surprise you with a brand-new feature here, Aristocrat has opted again for free spins as the reward. You will only need three of the lanterns in view to trigger the choice of free spin bonuses and it is another case of deciding between more spins or larger wild multipliers. Without the Extra Choice bet active, players can pick three free games with a wild multiplier of 18 or 88 times, ten spins with eight or 38 times wild multipliers or twenty free games with a multiplier of either five or eighteen times. These options change somewhat if you do have the Extra Choice bet in play and our favourite here is actually four free spins with a guaranteed 88 times wild multiplier. It makes for short rounds, but big wins in our experience.

Extra Choice players can also choose to pass on free spins altogether in favour of a dice game instead. You will receive three chances to roll eight dice and each eight that you land will be held until the end, with the prize multiplier being based on the number of eights in view. Eight eights on the dice will award 10,888 times your line bet. When this is complete, a further dice will roll that may trigger another trio of dice rolls to enhance your prize even further.

Our Thoughts on Aristocrat's Lucky 88

The Extra Choice bet on Lucky 88 is the main draw, and the dice game bonus is unlike anything that we have seen before. We have never seen a game that is so closely tied to a number before either and if you are looking for something different without losing any of the inherent Aristocrat magic, this is definitely the game to play!