Hot Frootastic


Hot Frootastic Online Casino Slot Review

In spite of the questionable spelling in the name of this game, given what we already know about Barcrest as a developer, we have a very good idea of what we can generally expect from Hot Frootastic. We have mentioned before just how closely Barcrest and fruit machines of old are linked, and the company seemingly never wants to entirely let go of the concept of fruit symbols, even when putting together more modern online games. If anything, this game immediately brings to mind the kind of action that players can expect from someone like Novomatic, where perhaps the most classic symbols of all are packaged together into a full video slot experience. Barcrest usually likes to keep things relatively simple on slots like this one, which is fine by us, but we are still looking forward to finding out whether any curveballs will be thrown into the mix.

The Style and Base Gameplay

Fruit symbols are clearly traditional, and Barcrest almost always treats them as such. While some developers have experimented with giving the different fruits personalities or designing them to look good enough to eat, it is fair to say that they are always going to look pretty standard on the Barcrest reels. There is a certain 3D element to them here on Hot Frootastic, with the cherries in particular looking very good indeed, but if you have played any kind of fruit machine before, the chances are that you will have a very good idea indeed of what to expect here from this one.

You’ll be looking to select your bet as normal - Hot Frootastic makes use of the same control system as the vast majority of other Barcrest slots on offer at online casinos, so all you really need to contend with is deciding on a line bet. There are ten fixed lines here, so your line bet will be multiplied by ten to make for your total stake, and it is then simply a case of deciding whether you wish to spin the reels manually or to make use of auto play. There are no wild cards or scatters to get in the way of your wins here, so you can simply focus on spinning and hoping for wins with the most valuable fruit symbols of them all as they land.

Features and Extras

With no wilds and no scatters as mentioned above, the chances of encountering any bonus feature on the Hot Frootastic reels was always going to be slim to none. As expected, the focus is placed firmly on the reels themselves, and you will only be picking up wins here on this one if and when you manage to land a combination of three or more fruits across one or more of the ten win lines.

Our Thoughts on Barcrest's Hot Frootastic

As you could tell in the introduction, we expected something rather simple from Hot Frootastic, but we have to admit that we were not quite expecting it to be this simple. We know that there are plenty of Barcrest slots out there that are all about the spinning and winning, and not a whole lot else, but the effort that went into the design of this game has resulted in the addition of auto play and not much else. That is all that sets this game apart from a regular fruit machine, but that might still be enough for some players – it is a standard fruit machine but with more reels and win lines than you might be used to. So, if you want to go bigger without losing the spirit of the action, this could well be the game to do exactly that on.