Jewel Strike


Jewel Strike Online Casino Slot Review

As big fans of just about everything that Blueprint is all about, we were already in the know about them loving to drop some of the more complex slots in our lap. Complex generally means unique, and when you have seen as many online slots from various developers as we have, change can often be a good thing! However, they have been around for long enough that they have had plenty of opportunities to keep things simple, and Jewel Strike would appear to fit into that category. The name gives the game away with the theme, as this is yet another slot in the jewels and gems genre, and it is fair to say that players are not exactly short of choice in that regard! Nevertheless, we are in the middle of a great streak of quality from Blueprint Gaming and so we are confident that there will be a few surprises in store here.

The Style and Base Gameplay

As soon as a slot game is described as using the jewels and gems theme, you can generally form a decent opinion regarding what the slot is all about. There are no changes to the traditional format here to say the least, and the game is everything that players would expect with big, bold precious stones filling the board at all times. While not a given on slots like this one by any means, the playing card icons have also been able to worm their way into proceedings, and they take on the role of the lower value symbols on this board.

There are no bonus symbols or even a wild card present here on this game, but players will want to keep an eye out for certain patterns of gems, with all being revealed in the section below. Before we get there, however, it is important to check out the winning combinations on offer throughout this game and they come in at just ten. It isn’t exactly hard to keep track of the action here on this game, therefore, but being easy to play is truly one of the hallmarks of every game in the Blueprint range – even those complex ones that we were talking about!

Features and Extras

So, no bonus symbols and no wilds make for an interesting proposition here, especially when we know that there are some additions to the base game. However, it all gets underway with colossal symbols, which can fall into play at any time. A giant symbol that covers nine positions in a square shape will fall into view, effectively making for three reels and three rows of the same symbol. That makes it every bit as easy as it sounds to form a winning combination, and while there are no guarantees, this is certainly one of the finer aspects of Jewel Strike.

If you really want to see the action heating up from the get go, then you’ll definitely want to investigate the Epic Reels. It reminds us a lot of the Big Bet action offered elsewhere, except this time you will be looking to increase your stake in return for the removal of some symbols. If you have a strong distaste for playing card icons like we do, then it will be well up your street. With a 5x bet, you’ll remove the 10, J and Q from the board, while the K will be removed too if you up that to 10x. Finally, if you want to go as big as possible with a 20x bet, then you can throw the A out too for the total removal of all playing card symbols on the board. This just leaves behind the far more valuable jewels and gems, ensuring that even with just ten win lines, your chances of success are massively increased.

Our Thoughts on Blueprint Gaming's Jewel Strike

Jewel Strike does indeed keep things rather simple, all told, but in true Blueprint fashion, there are a few tricks and extras to the game too. The colossal symbol came around relatively often during our playtesting and, more often than not, had a positive impact. We only dabbled in the Epic Reels, but they seem to hold up their end of the bargain when boosting the winning combinations too. Jewel Strike is by no means the best Blueprint slot out there right now, but it is most definitely solid and warrants a closer look from anyone that enjoys the theme and gameplay that never gets overwhelming.