Super Diamond Deluxe


Super Diamond Deluxe Online Casino Slot Review

We have seen some unbridled creativity from Blueprint Gaming in recent times, but sometimes they are happy enough to go back to basics and to keep things simple – and even then, they are generally able to turn out an impressive title that is bound to find its audience. It is all playing card icons and jewels and gems here, so there are no real flashes of brilliance to the look and feel. However, we know for a fact that Super Diamond Deluxe includes a progressive jackpot prize among other things, so that will be more than enough to already whet a few appetites. We’re not expecting one of the best Blueprint slots around from this one, but we are definitely hoping for something that is at least a little special in its own way, so let’s go into things in detail.

The Style and Base Gameplay

As noted, if you’re expecting anything special from the visuals, then the chances are that you’re immediately going to be a little turned off right from the outset here on this one. It is not an ugly game by any stretch, but there’s simply only so much that you can do when the main symbols on the board are the playing card icons. We would even classify these symbols as dominant, as they land in stacks, so it is not uncommon to find the board completely filled with them. They are joined by red, blue and green gems, along with a diamond, and these symbols are far more valuable than players might be expecting.

There are only ten win lines on this game in theory, although that is exactly the kind of number that we would be expecting given the look and feel. However, the number of lines does not tell the whole story here as players are also in for a treat with the use of the adjacent symbols setup. Rather than needing your wins to begin on the first reel, as slots tradition would dictate, they can in fact start anywhere. They only pay in one direction so a winning combination that starts on reel three, for example, then it is limited to just three of a kind, but that is still better than nothing when you are trying to win as much as you possibly can!

Features and Extras

We were not expecting all that much from the features on this game, mainly because of the absence of any bonus symbols or wild cards in the base game. As it turns out, there are no features at all as such on Super Diamond Deluxe, but it does fall back on the aforementioned progressive jackpot prize. Even this maintains the simplicity of the game, as you’re not even looking out for a specific symbol combination. Instead, the reels will just turn gold on any spin, just as long as your luck is in, and if they all do so at the same time, then the full progressive jackpot amount displayed at the top of the board is yours for the taking.

Our Thoughts on Blueprint Gaming's Super Diamond Deluxe

If you want to be on the cutting edge of slots creativity, well, it is possible to do just that within the Blueprint range as well we know, but simply not on this game. It is one for the purists, and does everything that players would expect a video slot to do, but not a whole lot else. The adjacent symbol wins are always nice to see, but the lack of a wild card or any kind of special symbol will slow things down a little too much for some tastes. On the other hand, this is clearly one of the simplest games out there to provide the opportunity to aim for a progressive jackpot, and if you’re hoping to take down one of the biggest prizes in gaming, all without taxing your brain too much, then Super Diamond Deluxe will definitely fit the bill nicely.