Aloha Cluster Pays


Aloha Cluster Pays Online Casino Slot Review

Aloha Cluster Pays is notable to us for being one of the online slot games where NetEnt well and truly came out of its shell and decided that conventional action just was not cutting the mustard any more. The game is still familiar and obvious enough that players will know what is going on from the moment that the reels load up, but at the same time there is a lot of creativity to be found on this one, and if you are looking for something that is noticeably different from the norm in terms of slots gaming, this is almost certainly going to be the perfect one.

The Style and Base Gameplay

We cannot recall having ever seen a bad-looking game from NetEnt and the good news is that Aloha Cluster Pays is not going to be the one to break that streak. It is as bright and bold as players could hope, and while the cartoonish graphics will not be ideal for everyone, they manage to ensure that this is a very good-looking title that is easy to keep track of, even with a larger than normal board in play.

That larger board offers players the chance to enjoy action over six reels as opposed to the standard five, and the rows have been extended to five, essentially making for almost a square board. Rather than being on the lookout for win lines, as you might be on just about every other slot game out there, the goal of the game is instead to put together clusters of symbols. The masks, coconuts, shells and flowers come together, often in stacks, and when you get a bunch of them together in one place, you are basically assured of picking up a decent win. It is even possible to fill the entire screen with the same symbol at the same time, and that massive cluster can definitely result in some truly epic returns, and they often come out of nowhere.

There is a wild card of sorts on the game, represented by the question mark icon. However, it will only fill in as one other symbol at a time, although the good news is that the symbol in question will always be the most valuable one possible. The only symbol that it will never end up covering for is the free spins icon, as is the case on most online slots.

Features and Extras

When you do land a win on this game – and they certainly come around on a regular basis – there is a random chance that the symbols involved in the prize will freeze in place on the board. All other symbol positions will then spin again around them, and any symbols that land to enhance the existing clusters will ensure that the respins keep on coming until no further improvements are made. This feature is actually pretty rare to see, but we cannot complain about the idea of winning multiple times on just one spin!

The main feature on Aloha Cluster Pays is undoubtedly the free spins bonus round, and the good news is that no clusters are required when landing the free spins ticket symbol, and they act just like any other scatter. The size of the board means that you can land up to six of them at once, with three leading to nine spins, four awarding ten, five scatters leading to eleven free games and six in view topping things out at twelve. As the free spins play out, players will notice the lower value symbols, such as the fruits and the flowers, gradually being removed from the equation. This inherently ensures that by the end of the round, only the higher value symbols will remain and the game goes one step further in attempting to help players along thanks to an extra feature on the final spin. If this one does not result in a win, the reels will keep on spinning until a win does occur, and you can extend the bonus feature even further with more scatters landing in view.

Our Thoughts on NetEnt's Aloha Cluster Pays

The cluster concept on Aloha Cluster Pays is definitely different to the norm and while we cannot say that every player will love it, anyone with a passion for puzzle games and the kind of action associated with them will definitely appreciate the style of gameplay on offer here. Everything else about the game is just as high quality as players would expect and we are happy to recommend that players check this one out for themselves!