Beach Online Casino Slot Review

Beach is one of the few slots in the NetEnt range that you might well look at and not actually realise that it comes from the developer, as their common graphical flair is actually somewhat absent in the case of this one. It looks very simple in comparison to their core range of slots, although that is not necessarily a bad thing by any stretch and there is still plenty of scope for players to have an enjoyable time here. One thing to note about this one is that this is about as simple as it gets in the NetEnt range, so if you are new to the selection or just want to enjoy something that probably will not require your full concentration, this one could well be the ideal place in which to start things off.

The Style and Base Gameplay

Beach may well be a little bland in the grand scheme of things, but the graphics on the game do at least do their job. The playing card icons have been rendered on the kind of pebbles that you may well skim across the water and those symbols are joined by other relatively simple ones including starfish, shells and messages in a bottle. There is a wild card too, and it is depicted by the often-useless driftwood, although it is fair to say that it is a lot more valuable here than the kind that invariably washes up on the shore!

The game is actually slightly bigger than players might expect from their first look, with twenty lines of action in play. One nice touch is that rather than spinning the reels, you will instead get the impression of waves, and while it does absolutely nothing to change the style or action of the gameplay, it is still something that has a good chance of enhancing the immersion on offer here on this one.

Features and Extras

There is only one bonus feature in effect here on Beach and that is the suitably titled Free Waves – they are like free spins, but continue to give that impression of the waves slowly crashing into the shore! The bottle symbol is important here on this one because it serves as the scatter symbol at all times, and you will be on the lookout for three or more of them on a single wave. We are not sure what is written on the messages in these bottles, but we do know that we are happy to read them as while three bottles will only award eight waves, four in view will see this number rising to sixteen and one on every reel will boost the number of free waves in play all the way up to 24.

What sets this part of the game apart from its base game counterpart is the addition of an octopus wild, which players will not have seen as part of standard play. He will only land on the third reel, but when he decides to do so, he will have a quick look around the board and then turn the adjacent symbols into additional wild cards. This by no means guarantees a big win, but it does make some kind of return a given and even the smaller ones can soon add up, especially if you have landed more than the basic number of spins that the game has to offer.

Our Thoughts on NetEnt's Beach

In all honesty, Beach is by no means the most inspired slot in the NetEnt gaming range by modern standards and a lot of players will pass this by simply because there is much better action on offer at the very same casinos. Nevertheless, if you want something inherently simple that still offers up a decent number of winning combinations on each spin, this game is happy to deliver and it still deserves a place among one of the best slots gaming ranges in the world right now!