Cosmic Fortune


Cosmic Fortune Online Casino Slot Review

Cosmic Fortune is one of the most visible jackpot slots in the NetEnt range, not least because it is a game that casinos offer even if they choose to skip out on the bigger ones like Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods. That has led to this slot having something of a special place in the hearts and minds of players that love the developer as much as we do, and while we are not going to go overboard and refer to this one as one of the biggest and best games in the NetEnt range, it certainly offers something special for fans of the genre and the overall style.

The Style and Base Gameplay

With a name like Cosmic Fortune and NetEnt’s well-known passion for the space theme, it is no surprise to see that space plays a major part in proceedings here – although perhaps not exactly as you might expect. The designers on this one have definitely adopted some kind of creative licence for the game and while many of the planets and moons are easy enough to decipher, the character symbols are some of the quirkiest that you are likely to have encountered. It is nice and easy to play at all times, thanks to the use of fifteen fixed win lines and the board is packed with symbols that can easily lead to decent wins. Help is at hand if they are refusing to land normally on the board too, as the golden W symbol is a wild card that can keep things ticking over nicely.

This is one of the only jackpot slots that we have ever seen that makes use of rolling reels, and that means that a win on a spin can quickly be followed up with another if the symbols drop in correctly. Any symbols that contribute to a winning combination will soon disappear from the board, allowing new ones to fall into view from above and if those new symbols manage to complete another winning combination, the process will continue to repeat.

Features and Extras

The main feature on the game, and one that players are likely to encounter far more often than the main jackpot, is the free spins bonus. Just as the ‘W’ is the wild, the ‘S’ is the scatter and landing three or more of them on one spin, either naturally or as part of the rolling reels gameplay, will trigger ten free games. in addition to the rolling reels continuing to play a part throughout this area of the game, all symbols that are destroyed in this manner will be converted into marbles and totted up at the bottom of the screen. Further scatter symbols that land during the course of play will also boost things up to the tune of five more free games.

When your spins have been completed, it is on to the next section of the game and this is where your marbles come into play. You will be taken off to a pachinko board and the spaceship, that has already been loaded with your marbles, will move back and forth at the top of the screen, dropping those marbles onto the board. They will ultimately come to rest in one of several cups, some of which award prizes, some that are blank and some that can be your ticket to winning the main jackpot. When your marbles run out, the round ends and you will be presented with however much cash you have managed to win over the course of the game. However, if you have managed to land three or more marbles in the jackpot cup, there is one more stage, and this is of course where the main jackpot prize can be won.

The jackpot pachinko game always begins with fifty marbles and here you are hoping to land three of them in any one of the jackpot cups. There are five different jackpots to be won on Cosmic Fortune, including the rapid, mini, midi, major and mega and while there are no guarantees of picking up any of the jackpot prizes, players can at least console themselves with the knowledge that there are more coin wins on offer as part of the process.

Our Thoughts on NetEnt's Cosmic Fortune

Cosmic Fortune may not be the biggest name in the NetEnt slots range, and definitely not the biggest in terms of sheer jackpot prizes, but if you want something engaging and fun to play with the potential added bonus of a massive win, then the game has a lot to offer. It is not hard to find, as virtually every NetEnt casino offers this one, given that the jackpots are local rather than networked, although that does mean that it can be worth checking out multiple casinos for the biggest possible prizes. Overall, this is a solid game that probably will not change your life even if you hit it big, but it can be hugely entertaining while you attempt to do so!