Mega Fortune


Mega Fortune Online Casino Slot Review

Occasionally, when putting our slots reviews together, we like to stop and think about how lucky we are to have the chance to play certain games again – even if we generally still play them to this day anyway! Mega Fortune is one such game, and if you have never heard of it before then we would have to enquire as to where you have been all this time! It is regarded by many players as being the finest online progressive jackpot slot in the world right now, and the only real competition in that regard comes from Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. That is based on the game itself, together with the fact that it has often taken the record for the biggest online and mobile slots payouts in history, and you cannot say any fairer than that! Some players ignore jackpots completely when playing online, but if you are looking to win as big as possible then this is one game that should most definitely be on your radar.

The Style and Base Gameplay

This is a game that is all about winning as much cash as possible, so it makes absolutely perfect sense that the game itself depicts wealth and riches, perhaps as a showcase of what players could potentially spend their winnings on if they are lucky enough to hit the Mega Jackpot. Even the playing card icons are in on the deal, as they have been printed onto rings of varying qualities – but nobody is playing Mega Fortune for the lower value wins. As you head up the pay table you will find luxury watches, limousines, wads of cash and much more and it sets the tone for one of the most luxurious slots gaming experiences out there at the moment.

Even the wild card gets in on the act in terms of its representative symbol, which is a luxury yacht. It appears often and there are plenty of chances to make use of it too, thanks to the fact that Mega Fortune is played over the course of 25 fixed win lines as standard. You have all the choice when it comes to betting options that you would expect from a NetEnt slot game and we are pleased to confirm that you stand a chance of winning the top prizes on the game with bets of any size. We have seen news reports of players taking down the Mega Jackpot with minimum bets and maximum bets, plus much more in between, so even if you are the kind of player that generally sticks with smaller stakes, there is no need to give the riches of Mega Fortune a miss.

Features and Extras

NetEnt prides itself on ensuring that its progressive jackpot games would stand up as being interesting and entertaining slot games in their own right, even if the jackpots were stripped out. They incorporate that here through the inclusion of a free spins bonus round, and landing three or more of the champagne scatters on the reels at the same time will lead to the award of those spins. Ten spins are awarded and while they are not all that different to the base game, they can be a great way of consolidating your bankroll as you pursue the bigger wins.

The main event on Mega Fortune is of course the selection of jackpots and you will be in with a chance of winning whenever you trigger the wheel of fortune bonus, achieved by landing three symbols of the same name on an active win line. The wheel is made up of various segments, mostly containing arrows and cash amounts, and the closer you get to the middle using those arrows, the more you stand to win. Make it all the way to the centre and the Mega Jackpot is yours for the taking. The round triggers very often by most standards, and players will need to get used to the idea of coming out of it with a small coin win a lot of the time. However, even with that said, you have to be in it to win it and you never know when the arrows will align and take you all the way to the biggest possible wins.

Our Thoughts on NetEnt's Mega Fortune

The fandom of Mega Fortune speaks for itself and it is no accident that it is regarded as being one of the top progressive slots in the world of gaming, if not the best of the lot. Even if you never touch a jackpot, it is hard to come out of the game without having a good time trying and that is the mark of some truly quality action as far as we are concerned. This is one of the very best slots of its kind and we are of course happy to recommend it on that basis.