Mega Fortune Dreams


Mega Fortune Dreams Online Casino Slot Review

We have to make an admission at the start of this review. Back in our Mega Fortune review, we referred to the game as being perhaps the best progressive jackpot slot in the world, and while that is fair to say, when we are playing for the biggest prizes in gaming, we generally prefer to try our hand at the sequel instead. This game shares a lot in common with the first one, just as most decent sequels do, but rather than being at home with the luxury items, things have now gone abroad. We cannot imagine being anywhere that is not extremely sunny if we ever took down the top Mega Jackpot, and so this one is a lot more up our street – so let’s take a look at just why we love this game so much.

The Style and Base Gameplay

If you have played the first Mega Fortune slot, then Mega Fortune Dreams will instantly be recognisable, even if the backdrop has been updated somewhat. The playing card icons are now made out of diamonds in their own right rather than being printed onto rings, and they are joined by the more valuable symbols on the board that include chilled champagne, luxury handbags, cocktails and the return of the luxury watch. Essentially, this game is all about wealth and riches once again – and in more ways than one – but as far as we are concerned it looks notably more pleasant than before and will pack a punch by anyone’s standards.

If you are already a fan of the previous game and are looking to make the jump to the second one, the only major gameplay consideration is that the number of win lines has actually been reduced. Whereas Mega Fortune is played over 25 of them, Mega Fortune Dreams is just played over twenty, potentially reducing the cost of each spin. To this slot’s credit, it does not feel at all like there has been any reduction in the frequency of the wins and they are helped along as players would always hope by the inclusion of the palm trees, which act as the wild card on this game.

Features and Extras

Fans of bonus rounds that have nothing at all to do with the progressive jackpot will be happy enough here, as Mega Fortune Dreams continues the tradition of including a free spins bonus on all NetEnt jackpot games. The diamond is the scatter symbol and landing three, four or five of them in view at the same time will lead to the award of ten, fifteen or twenty free spins respectively. Every prize won as part of this feature is worth three times as much as usual as standard, although whenever a diamond scatter lands, it can also add up to three more spins or boost the multiplier by one or two times, up to a maximum of ten times the standard prize value.

The wheel of fortune bonus makes its return here and it is actually slightly easier to trigger. The wheel symbols no longer need to land on a specific win line, although the compensation there is that they only land on reels three, four and five. Land one on each and it is off to the wheel spinning game, where various rings are attached together and the aim is to get as close to the centre as possible. As on the previous game in the series, players will quickly get used to the idea of only picking up a small coin win on this bonus, mainly because it triggers so often, but you never know when your Mega Fortune Dreams might come true as you make it deeper and deeper into the wheel.

Our Thoughts on NetEnt's Mega Fortune Dreams

In a runoff between Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams, we would have to give the nod to this game simply because we enjoy the theme more and the free spins round feels like it has been fleshed out a little better. The jackpot prizes are almost always comparable, so there is no chance at all of missing out there, and this game is simply lots of fun to play as well. This game comfortably ranks among our NetEnt favourites and if you have any interest at all in progressive jackpot prizes then there is no question that this is a slot game that is not to be missed.