Twin Spin


Twin Spin Online Casino Slot Review

Twin Spin has long been one of our favourite NetEnt slot games, and while it is a very simple slot game in just about every regard, that simplicity is part of the beauty of the game. Indeed, if you are looking for complexity and flair then you will probably want to look somewhere else for your fill of gaming action in general, but if you are looking for solid, consistent wins that are by no means reliant on special features and extras then you may well have found the perfect online slot to play today.

The Style and Base Gameplay

One of the reasons for us liking Twin Spin so much is the fact that it makes use of what we often say is our favourite betting setup, that being 243 ways to win. You need not worry at all about line configurations and layouts; as long as adjacent symbols start from the first row and number three or more, you are in for a win even if one is on the top row, one is on the bottom and one is in the middle. The games are not as expensive to play as it might sound either, and they are equivalent to fifty line slots in terms of pricing, and that means that you will always feel like you are getting decent value from the game, as well as not missing out on any potential winning combinations.

The symbols themselves on the game are pretty classical in nature and even though NetEnt’s passion for neon shines through, anyone that has played fruit machines and the slots that have come since will know what they are doing here. The playing card icons play a major part and you will probably be sick of the sight of them after a while, but the big wins are reserved by far more impressively rendered symbols like the cherries, bells, bars, 7s and the diamond. There is a wild card too and, in the absence of any scatters due to the lack of a separate bonus feature, that wild card really can fill in for any other symbol on the board, ensuring that it is always massively helpful.

Features and Extras

There may not be any separate bonus rounds in effect here on this game, but that is certainly not to say that there is nothing at all to look forward to on top of spinning and winning here on this game, and it all comes down to something that ties into the name. Twin Spin was one of the first online slots to explore the concept of twinned reels, and it can be highly valuable, especially in conjunction with the number of winning combinations on offer. Simply enough, on every spin, two reels will be picked to be twinned together, guaranteeing that they will display the same symbols in the same order. That eases the process of putting together winning combinations, although you will of course need a bit of luck for them to be two useful reels and for the other symbols to work with them.

The value of this feature does not end there, as the best thing about Twin Spin is that the feature is not necessarily limited to just two reels. Three, four or even all five reels can become twinned together and it goes without saying that locking the entire board together will lead to some very impressive wins indeed. It is just a bit of a shame that only some of the symbols can land in stacks and subsequently cover entire reels, so even if all five reels are twinned, the chances of winning 243 times on a single spin are rather slim. Nevertheless, the wins come thick and fast here, so a separate feature round is simply not really needed!

Our Thoughts on NetEnt's Twin Spin

Twin Spin strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and enjoyability and we simply cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone that wants to focus on the main board rather than waiting around for special features. It is similar to Starburst in many ways and while it may not share the same kind of popularity, it is just as good in its own way, ensuring that we highly recommend it!