Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe Online Casino Slot Review

It was quite recently that we reviewed Playtech’s John Wayne slot and while we concluded that the game is perhaps nothing too special unless you are a big fan of The Duke, it did demonstrate that there is certainly something there when it comes to games based on real people rather than their movie characters. Much like Wayne, Marilyn Monroe became such a star that she transcended acting roles and many more people are familiar with her as a star than any of the people that she played on screen. So, it seems like the idea behind the games is similar, and the fact that they both came out around the same time could be telling too. All that remains is to find out whether the official Marilyn Monroe slot from Playtech takes a step up into being an essential slot, or whether it will be a middling game that only pays service to true fans like the John Wayne game that came before it.

The Style and Base Gameplay

If you are going to go to the trouble of paying to use a celebrity likeness on the reels, you can be that the developer in question will make as much use of it as possible and that is clearly the case here. There is a number of different posed Marilyn Monroe shots making up more valuable symbols on the board, and the star also represents the wild card on the board, with her neon logo also taking on the role of the scatter on the game. The supporting cast in terms of symbols consists of the regular playing card icons, which are at least some of the better-looking ones that we have seen recently, together with a star from the Walk of Fame, a magazine cover featuring the obvious subject and also a video camera which has at least been drawn from the right kind of era to make sense.

Gameplay does not change all that much on games like this one, and you are never likely to see Playtech experimenting with different board sizes and brand new winning combinations on a game like this where there is so much riding on it. With that in mind, it is no surprise to see that players will encounter what we would consider as being the regular twenty default win lines on the game, and while that can be adjusted downwards incrementally by anyone that wants to take full control of the game, we can see no good reason to do so as it can compromise various aspects of what the game ideally has to offer. Indeed, one of the core gameplay elements, especially when it comes to putting together decent wins on the game, is the fact that the wild can land in full stacks that are able to cover entire reels. Stacked wilds and just twenty win lines do not exactly go hand in hand, but missing out on some of the remaining potential wins is not something that we can see many players looking to do!

Features and Extras

There is only one bonus feature here on Marilyn Monroe, which is somewhat unusual for a licensed slot game, but it can at least be a timely bankroll booster by all accounts. Three or more scatters in view are required in order to kick things off in the round and the action gets underway with the award of ten free games and also a multiplier that will see all prizes being worth twice as much as they would be within the base game.

Prior to the spins commencing, players will be presented with five different pictures of Marilyn Monroe, together with the opportunity to choose two of them to boost up their initial bonus award. It will result in either a bigger multiplier or more free spins, or potentially even both, but our favourite bit of this bonus round is still to come. As players will have come to expect, landing a set of three scatters within the bonus round will see players winning more spins, but there are plenty on offer here as each batch of three scatters is worth an additional 35 free spins. That is basically a massive number in the context of the game and this is one of the few slots titles where we are actually disappointed if we do not manage to land more free spins over the course of the round.

Our Thoughts on Playtech's Marilyn Monroe

Much as we hate to say it, John Wayne was something of a disappointment and while we hoped for more from Marilyn Monroe, it falls into the same category. As with the other game, this one is basically for fans of the celebrity and basically nobody else. When the best thing about the game is a perk to the bonus feature that you might see one in fifty times, there is not exactly much of a reason to stick around. We wanted to like this game more than we do, but given that we have no particular affinity with the leading lady, it is extremely difficult to get all that excited by the game.