Pink Panther


Pink Panther Online Casino Slot Review

Branded slots within the Playtech gaming range come in all shapes and sizes and one of the best pieces of evidence for this being the case simply has to be Pink Panther. We were always better acquainted with the cartoon version than the movies featuring a bit of detective work, and so were irrationally pleased that this was the version that was chosen to be depicted here. It is one of the elder statesmen among the branded slot games in the Playtech range although the fact that the cartoon has been around for as long as it has means that it might still look just as it should if the developer has been true to the graphical style! The end result could well be a game that is every bit as compelling today as it ever was, and we are going to find out for sure whether that is the case in our full review!

The Style and Base Gameplay

As hoped, the style of the game is just what anyone that has seen the original cartoon series will have expected. All that is missing is the young lad in the racing helmet and the Pink Panther himself looks every bit as authentic as could be hoped. You can tell that he is the star of the show through more than just the name of the game too, as the Pink Panther stands aside the reels at all times as you play and he can also play a part in the action too, although we will have more on that in the dedicated features section of the review.

The gameplay is big enough to keep just about any kind of player interested too, with a cap of forty win lines on offer, although this number can always be adjusted downwards if players would prefer. The various coin bets that are popular on games like this one continue to play their part, allowing for plenty of flexibility on the board, and players will also be able to make use of the Pink Panther not only next to the board but on it as well, with the symbol serving as a wild card at all times.

Features and Extras

The features on Pink Panther are definitely numerous, but we could tell early on that this game would not necessarily be for everyone in the features department simply because they are all triggered at random. With no symbols to keep track of, the game may well feel somewhat inconsistent to some players, but that is a decision that is to be made independently and we are just concerned with what those features do, so let’s get into them!

First up we have the Pink Pow, which will see the Pink Panther exploding onto a number of different symbol positions over the board. This will see between two and six additional wilds hitting the board and the board is then reassessed for any additional wins which, while not guaranteed, always have a decent chance of increasing.

Next, we look to Crack the Pink Code. Ten safes appear overlaid on the board and the Pink Panther will begin opening them in order and will keep on doing so until he discovers dynamite, which brings the round to an end. Fortunately, the dynamite also guarantees two free spins, which are added to any other spins that have been discovered in other safes, with all wins being subject to any multipliers that have been discovered too. It is also possible to find a symbol that will guarantee that reel three will be completely wild for the duration of these spins, and that can of course be extremely handy. Basically, this bonus is the free spins round, and the safes are a bit of extra flavour that ensures that two rounds are rarely identical.

In the Colour Pink bonus, the Pink Panther is joined by the little man from the cartoon as they paint a fence with pink and blue numbers. For a reason that we cannot quite put our fingers on, the pink numbers are then added together to serve as a multiplier, which is then applied to the total bet. You have two shots at this round if you want them, resetting everything and going again after the first prize, but it is worth keeping in mind that you are then stuck with whatever the second prize is. With a bit of practice, you will get a good idea of what to expect from this round and can make an informed decision on whether or not to accept any prize as it is offered.

By this point, we are normally finished with the features on any Playtech slot, but we are only at the halfway point, so we had better move right on to the Wheel of Pink bonus. The Pink Panther spins a wheel made up of two different sections. On the outside, players can land multipliers that are applied to their bet once again. Then, they spin the inner section and find out whether they will be collecting what they have won so far or get to spin again. With these respins, prizes are cumulative and will all be added together when you have to collect.

Then we have the Pink Trail, which is rather entertaining. Players join Inspector Clouseau as he follows a trail of pink paw prints. Each one he reaches is worth a cash award and there is a chance to move on to another round after so many are collected. However, there are pitfalls to this, literally, as the inspector may find himself falling into a trap and if you go on and do fall, only half of your total prize is awarded. It can be worth the risk, however, as completing all four rounds will boost your total win two times over.

Finally, we come to the Jackpot Adventure and, as the name would suggest, this is where the game’s jackpots stand to be won. There are both Major Pink and Minor Pink jackpots on offer in this part of the game and, true to Playtech’s own form, the jackpot game has a higher chance to trigger for players with larger stakes. Twelve doors are on display and the goal is to find five matching symbols behind them – and you can keep on picking until you do indeed match five. If the symbols in question are the little man, then a fixed cash prize is awarded. However, if you find either five Pink Panthers or five Inspector Clouseau symbols first, then you will pick up the Major Pink or Minor Pink jackpots respectively.

Our Thoughts on Playtech's Pink Panther

This is one online slot game where writing about it is far more exhausting than actually playing it! The game, as you can probably tell, is one of the most feature-packed slots that Playtech has ever released and it is clearly one that fans of the character and the cartoon will enjoy. We are still not entirely convinced by the features all being triggered at random, and it can feel like the game simply does not want you to enjoy yourself at times as you can go plenty of spins with nothing at all. However, the forty lines do a decent job of keeping things ticking over rather nicely as you wait for the bigger wins, and we can conclude that in spite of a few negatives, this is an exceptionally solid branded slot that everyone from feature players to jackpot hunters stand a chance of enjoying thoroughly.